8 Ball Pool Community Update #4

Hi everyone it’s Ben and Sam from Miniclip
here! Hello! Here to bring you this week’s community update from the world of 8 Ball
Pool. We’re through to the final stages of the Official Forum Cup. We’re through to the
semi-finals of the mobile version and the quarter-finals of the PC version. We’ve already
got our first mobile finalist, Palak Chaudary. He’s gonna be playing either Hatty Ahuja or
our forum mod, Michael Huang. The winner not only gets a bunch of coins, pool cash and
a t-shirt, they’ll get an exclusive in-game achievement that you can’t win any other way.
If you want a chance at getting this achievement next time we do the tournament, make sure
you’re signed up to our forum. Over the last few weeks we’ve been sent some awesome fan-art
of 8 Ball Pool created in Minecraft. Here’s some of our favourites. This week’s baller
of the week Mohammad Ahmed is at the dentist and again, if I was the dentist I’d be a little
bit annoyed that someone was playing a mobile game when I’m trying to extract a tooth but
still, great photo! If you wanna be our baller of the week, send a photo of yourself playing
the game, make it fun and interesting, send it to us on Facebook along with your user
ID number and you could win 50 pool cash next week. So about this point we usually bring
you some of our favourite trickshots of the week, this week we’ve got something a little
different from one of players Ramic. He’s playing in the Bangkok tier, just the ten
million pool coins on the line. He runs slightly out of position on the black, can’t quite
get it into that top right corner, so he goes for something a little fancy as you can see
here. OMG indeed Ramic! But the sharp-eyed among you may have noticed that he hasn’t
actually won this game, because unfortunately he fouled just before the ball hit the black!
Ramic was actually man enough to send us this shot himself and apparently won a game in
Bangkok pretty soon after so well done Ramic! Time for this week’s leaderboard. Our best
player this week is the aptly-named 4ever good. He’s won 841 matches in a week, and
that was only 60% of them, so, he’s obviously put the hours in. Good work, 4ever good! We’ll
see if you can maintain your top spot next week. That’s it for this week, thanks as always
for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube, like us on Facebook if you’re
not already. Come over to the forum where you can actually talk to me and Sam on the
forum itself, which is pretty cool, and we’ll be back next week! SEE YA!

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