8 Ball Pool Berlin Match | 4 Epic Games | Winning 200m!! | My first commentary Gameplay

8 Ball Pool Berlin Match | 4 Epic Games | Winning 200m!! | My first commentary Gameplay

Hey Guys wassup this is MV You are basically hearing my voice for the first time it’s obviously
not my first 8 ball pool video it is my first commentary video maybe bcoz i was scared of hearing my own voice I don’t know but ya everyone has there moments in life and i guess it’s my moment alright cut the crap and ya guys I’m really really really thankful to all the viewers on completion of the series 0 to 1 million coins in just 50 matches those videos really got some great amont of views not if you compare them with some well established channel like pewdiepie or etc but for a beginner channel obviously yeah if you haven’t check’em out make sure you check it out first links are in front of you because only by watching those videos you are ever gonna know how RudeDudeMV came into existence moving on to the video as you know RudeDudeMV’s dream of becoming a billionare! millionaire sorry oh s#@$ has came true and now he is planning to take on that billionaire! mark the milestone this video will be part of that story and I’m gonna be playing the berlin room and I’ll be uploading some similar videos in near future may be with full commentary i don’t know tell me if you want that comment it in the comment section yeah that’s all I had to say sit back and enjoy cheers

27 thoughts on “8 Ball Pool Berlin Match | 4 Epic Games | Winning 200m!! | My first commentary Gameplay

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  2. hi dude i need a favour from u and that is i need 1M coins in 8 ball pool my unique id is 185-019-144-7
    waiting fr ur posotive reply,reply me as soon as u can

  3. my ingame name is Falcon with the logo that i'm currently using too bad i'm broke but maybe i have a chance to win… or not just like to play with you because i like your videos

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