8 Awesome Free-To-Play Games That Actually Cost Nothing

8 Awesome Free-To-Play Games That Actually Cost Nothing

There have never been as many options for
gamers as there are right now. From PC to console to mobile devices, no matter
what your favorite gaming platform, there are almost too many options to choose from. And many of them don’t cost a stinkin’ dime! So why pay to play when you can enjoy some
of the best games in the world for free? Here’s a look at some awesome free to play
games that truly cost nothing. Team Fortress 2 Against all odds, Team Fortress 2 maintains
a miraculous perfect score on Steam, where it’s been chugging along since 2007. Completely free to play and welcoming to all
levels of players, Team Fortress 2 is a straightforward, inviting first-person shooter with a good
sense of humor about the genre. “Do you believe in Magic? In a young girls heart? How the music can free her, whenev..” It also has a whole lot of replay value — which
is why it’s showing no signs of stopping almost a decade later. Not bad for a game that started as a Quake
mod. League of Legends There are few free-to-play games as important
as League of Legends. In the years since its arrival, League of
Legends has spawned an amazing competitive scene that gets people religiously watching
Twitch streams, discussing their favorite teams, and trying to practice so they can
reach the upper echelon. There are always great new champs coming down
the chute, so the game often gets a refresher, especially as team compositions change with
each new addition. League might put a carrot on a stick, but
at least you’ll be chasing it without having to spend a dime. Hearthstone Trading card game aficionados are already
used to being able to take their gaming on the go, but Hearthstone lets them feed their
obsession without the need for deck boxes. This PC and mobile title from Blizzard is
flavored with the lore and characters from the Warcraft universe, and features gameplay
designed to keep the action going, making sure that players get resources to play their
cards every turn. While there are plenty of expansions and adventurers
you can purchase if you have money burning a hole in your pocket, you’re still always
welcome to play the game for free, finding worthy opponents and smashing their decks
into the ground without spending cash that would be better spent on funnel cakes. “What’s on the menu tonight chef Vendor?” “Funnel cake! Funnel cake! Funnel cake! Funnel cake! Funnel cake!” DC Universe Online In this free-to-play MMORPG, you’re given
the chance to become a hero or villain in the DC Universe, with an arsenal of powers
at your disposal. You’ll pick a hero or villain mentor and get
decked out with superpowers like Superman’s super strength, Green Lantern’s ability to
make Light constructs, or even just some good ol’ fashioned martial arts paired with gadgets
a la Batman. You’re free to take on quests and learn what
it means to be a real hero, all while flying around DC Universe’s most iconic locations. Super! Star Wars: The Old Republic Want to fulfill that dream of becoming a Jedi
Knight or a roguish smuggler? Download Star Wars: The Old Republic and find
out just how satisfying it can be to use the Force to conquer all kinds of seedy criminal
types. “Ahhhrgh” You can decide whether you want to become
a champion of the Republic or an agent of the evil Galactic Empire, with classes like
the Trooper, Smuggler, Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Bounty Hunter, Sith Warrior, an Imperial Agent,
and Sith Inquisitor available for your enjoyment. Each class feels unique and full of that classic
Star Wars flavor, so try out the game and carve out your destiny in the galaxy, with
or without a lightsaber. Heroes of the Storm Here’s another great, free-to-play game that
pulls from Blizzard’s greatest hits. In Heroes of the Storm, you’ll engage in fantastic
lane combat with heroes and villains from franchises like World of Warcraft, StarCraft,
Overwatch, and even older classics like Lost Vikings. What sets Heroes apart from other multiplayer
online battle arenas, or MOBAS, is the ease of play, which is facilitated by the fact
that your team shares experience points. This means that every little thing that you
do — taking out structures, farming minions, or hunting down enemy Heroes —helps your
whole team. With speedy play times, you’ll be able to
get back into games and keep testing out all the available Heroes in the roster, with a
rotation set of free Heroes every week. World of Tanks World of Tanks puts you into the dreaded treads
of, well, a tank, as you fight for supremacy against other players. You might be used to vehicular warfare from
games like the Battlefield series, but don’t be surprised to discover that you’re not prepared
for the nearly 400 vehicles in this free-to-play game. You can engage in game modes like random battles,
team battles, and even stronghold battles with other players, all in light tanks, tank
destroyers, heavy tanks, and other turreted terrors. Pokemon Go Does anyone even have to explain why this
game became a worldwide phenomenon in 2016? Niantic’s Pokemon Go lets everyone with a
smartphone indulge in their not-so-secret fantasy of becoming a Pokemon Trainer and
catching Pokemon in the wild. With this game and its GPS features, you’ll
be catching Pikachus and Eevees everywhere you go, making you scramble to get to specific
spawn areas and flicking your fingers up on your screen to toss Pokeballs. Pokemon Go is probably the closest we’ll come
to actually living in the world of Pokemon, so love every minute of it. Just, y’know…watch out for traffic. “This teenager learned a valuable lesson about
playing Pokemon Go!” Thanks for watching! Click the Grunge icon to subscribe to our
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89 thoughts on “8 Awesome Free-To-Play Games That Actually Cost Nothing

  1. No Phantasy Star Online 2 on this list either ? Think about it, every american console owner dont even know the existence of this game, still its a free to play on PS4 ( Japan only but you can still make a japan ID and sega ID to play the game! )

  2. Wow… you put SW:TOR on here? You can't even sprint for free haha. That game was great until end game (on launch). Then when it went free, it became nothing but a nightmare. It seems free, but they gate EVERYTHING you can do until you're a subscriber or buy expansions.

  3. Some of those like DC universe and Star Wars you still have to buy the initial game but it is free to play meaning no longer subscription based.

  4. SWTOR and WoT? Really? Free to play? They both have a paywall. It is almost impossible to progress past 8th tier in WoT (on the other hand it is easy in War Thunder) and you have to sell old tanks to buy new ones, and you will have to purchase this old tank again if you want to play it. (and in WT you will always have tanks that you once bought)
    And SWTOR. You also have to pay to play it (in the true meaning of this word) Pay for expansions. Pay for PVP arenas pay for PVE raids.

  5. you failed to mention that many of the popular games you mentioned have toxic player bases that are not noob friendly at all

  6. pokemon go it is crap and world of tanks it is NOT so free as you might think or want us to think that it is,,,yes you can install for free but to hold on into the game is another story

  7. All these are free to pay, but putting money into them almost is required to truly play. TOR is a good game, but you can't wear purple and restricted to 2 Craft if you don't pay and you really need 3 craft. LOL you can play for free, but most character you either have to pay for or grind for a long time to unlock them. Which mean no money you will not have a good number of champion. This is also same with Hearth Stone where you need lot of cards to make viable deck, but to unlock them free is very time consuming. As for DC online, yes it completely free, hell I had 4 character at cap with no cost, but many of the ability are part of expansion that require money to buy like Light Construct, Red Lantern, Gun (not the weapon, but the ability), water, earth, air, and one weapon Shield.
    But you also forgotten many that are truly free. Paladin where I have every card and good build without much time and no money. Also lot of mmo have gone to free to play like Guild War 2, Everquest, and Rift though I don't know the quality of their free to play or even the games themselves.

  8. The only game on your list i disagree with, is Star Wars: The Old Republic. You might not be aware of it, but it seriously penalizes its F2P community. Especially if you were a subscriber, and then had to turn to F2P. You should have put a game like Star Trek Online on here, or a game like Allods Online instead.

  9. All of these games either have a toxic fanbase, are boring, or have paywalls.
    I'm surprised you didn't mention games like War Thunder or Warframe

  10. This video is sponsored he included HoS and LoL whic you buy champs and heroes but does not include DOTA 2 which all hereos are fre clearly promoting earn yourself a dislike hahah sry

  11. Why do people always use the old splash art for champs and not the amazing new artwork Riot produces for them.Doing this makes LoL seem outdated.

  12. I disagree with your choice of Hearthstone. That game is a pay to win monster if ive ever seen one. Its practically impossible to make progress without spending money. The only way to get legends in that game is to spend money and roll the rigged dice… I played that game off and on for a year and in a years time and spending over 150 dollars i probably only found 4 of the 100 legends and the top ranking players only use legends which means your sol. I realize that is only one persons experience but i feel there are a ton of other CCGs that are more fair and more approachable than Hearthstone. I would have suggested Star Crusade, Elder Scrolls Legends or Shadowverse They at least make cards more obtainable and try to attempt to make the match making put you against players of equal skill or equal power. The problem is they dont have the backing or money that the Hearthstone machine has.

  13. Suprised Star Trek Online is missing. It's pretty, does amazing fan service and has one of the most generous F2P models out there right now.

  14. DC Universe online is definitely one of the biggest pay to win games of all time, you clearly havent done your homework on dcuo.

  15. The part you show about DCUO, is not free to play. That is a couple of DLC's after the free to play part, witch is very short. After that DCUO wants your wallet. All of your wallet.

  16. SWTOR is not really free to play. A few good examples that are really free to play are for instance:
    -Wildstar (you can pay through the cash shop, but most of it is just cosmetic and housing.).
    -Path of Exile (only cosmetic stuff can be bought)

  17. sigh swtor force you to subscribe,dc universe have tons of expansions you need to buy so no they are not fully free

  18. And none of these games are pay to win…

    Yes, you need to explain why the seriously boring Pokemon Go was a "hit".

  19. To play World of tanks for free most players will find the top tier they can afford to play is tier 6, gold tanks tier 7 may be 8 – however, gold tanks are not free. Regular tier 8, 9 and 10 tanks are too expensive to play, repair and rearm after battles is much too expensive.

  20. It's amazing the only true F2P game in this list is Heroes of the Storm and only since it entered 2.0. Pre-2.0 HotS and the rest of this list are stupidly P2W, to the point where it's just useless to even try to play without having the idea of paying in mind. Specially DC Universe Online. Any F2P game where progress is blocked unless you keep buying expansions should be consider a scam. Even fricking WoW has a more just payment method, and it's still really unfair.

  21. in DC Universe and SWOTOR you need to pay to continue the game as a normal person after you finish the free levels and to unlock other stuff

  22. I'm ACTUALLY amazed how little dislikes you got due to misleading title. I would love for you to become a gamer so you can tell me again how SWTOR, HS and DC are ACTUALLY free to play. So yeah failed video … you should ACTUALLY play all of games you listed before you talk out of your ass ( and when i say play that means professionally ) not like most of casual scrubs that don't really understand game mechanics enough to ACTUALLY talk about the game.

  23. Let me fix this list for you.
    Pokémon GO
    Path of Exile
    League of Legends/DotA 2/Heroes of the Storm (all free and great, just different tastes)
    Hearthstone (not Heartstone! There is a "th" in there)
    Team Fortress 2
    Fallout Shelter
    PlanetSide 2
    Wildstar (No important content behind pay walls)

  24. Do you know what "actually cost nothing" means? Probably, TF2, is the only game that "actually costs nothing" on this list. Let's go down the list here, shall we? 1. LoL – BUY HEROES! 2. Hearthstone – Yeah, good luck building a good deck without paying! 3. DC Universe Online – Get to the end game, then pay for content, basically… 4. SW TOR – Can't even wear certain items if you're not Premium. 5. Heroes of the Storm – Around $8 for a hero. 5. World of Tanks – LOL! BUY. A. BETTER. TANK. NOW! 6. Pokemon GO – yeah, no decent human being would care about it, anyway…

  25. +Grunge While the games label as Free-To-Play it really means Free-To-Play Pay-To-Stay. Pay-To-Stay in reference you have to spend money to stay viable in the end game. Some make you do this more heavily than others, and some make it impossible to do end game without paying. End game can also be noted as top game or to get the most out of it.

    1. Team Fortress 2 is boring and really lacks a lot of depth. Though you listed it as a great one to play. Sure others play it but it doesn't mean it has depth. Its zany is about it. It also uses a pretty extensive item mall and to stay competitive or on the top you need to use it.

    2. League of Legends was also boring with very simplistic controls. It also used a decent item mall delivery system that end users should take use of. And you say 'you do not need to spend a dime'. Actually incorrect to stay within the end game/top you would.

    3. Hearthstone also uses a huge item mall that you had to buy packs, though did give you a way to earn to get them for free. One thing you couldn't is to open the additional modes/areas. That requires money to do. And so you get to play a alright game on this list, without much of the added content. If you want it you have to pay. and its really not that great unless you do.

    4. DC Universe Online is a HUGE money sink. From needing keys, to unlocking items or episodes. Playing free will get you a lot of nowhere. You simply have to pay to really take advantage of the game and open up a lot of its true depth. And that starts even before end game.

    5. Star Wars : The Old Republic. While I could talk about many things here. I will just say its not a awesome game. Its a horrible game. The only awesome thing about it would be its name 'Star Wars'. That awesome begins and ends with it.

    6. Heroes of the Storm was also another huge money grab pay to really do anything in the end scheme.

    7. World of Tanks would probably be my pick to sink money into if you really enjoy paying for content. Because freely you will be shut down quickly or have very long crawls to upgrading your tanks (and only to a degree where payment is no longer an option, and becomes more of a requirement).

    8. I have never played Pokemon Go. Though I am sure its riddled with micro transactions for things you can do in it, or to speed up times on others.

    Games that are Free To Play and really allow you to enjoy the game without needing to add money to it at all or very little. (And you missed them)

    1. Gems of War – You can join a guild and while you contribute gold and trophies to the guild as you play. You help complete statues for items that are given to you simply by effort. You also are given items for effort in Ranked PvP, Guild Wars, and its other modes. It makes you only pay if you want to. Not that you need to. So its one of the few Free-To-Play games that can be truly free even for end gaming!

    2. Marvel Heroes – The only things you need to pay for are keys, which unlock things like costumes. As far as the game gems are concerned you can earn that in-game while playing to unlock other characters and things. At some points you do get asked to pay. Though ts usually for things to enjoy your game more. Not because its needed for end game. And it doesn't micro transaction you to death like DC Universe Online. Even all the episodes are given freely without requiring you to buy them as in DC Universe Online.

    I could list others but those are my current top 2 picks for closer to free when playing a Free-To-Play.

  26. Team Fortress 2 was never a mod. Team Fortress CLASSIC however, was a Half Life Mod, not a Quake Mod. I played it for like 10 years before TF2 came out and killed it.

  27. First think I realised about this video. Free to Play Games That Actually Cost Nothing. Well I mean they're Free to Play what else would I expect?

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