6 Best iOS Games of 2018 (FREE)

Games are a very very important part of the
whole smartphone experience and 2018 has been a great year for iOS users when it comes to
gaming apps. Let us look at some of the best iOS games
of 2018. Hi guys, I’m Eesha Kapoor and welcome back
to another video by Fossbytes.com. Now I am not really addicted to games, but
I always have at least 1 or 2 games on my phone all the time, so I know the struggle
of figuring out the best games out of the thousands available on the App Store. So, here is list for you, of some of the best
iOS games that released in 2018 so that you don’t have to waste a lot of time looking
for them. Android users don’t have to be disappointed because we are soon going to
release a video with the best Android Games as well. Just make sure that you have hit the bell
icon so that you don’t miss it. By the way, all the games mentioned in the
video are free. Anyway, let’s get started now. The 1st game of this list is called Rise Up. It’s an arcade game which could seem very
easy at first, but will surely take you for surprise once you start playing it. The objective of this game is to ensure that
your balloon rises up as high as possible without getting hit by any of the obstacles. For that, you have to use this cursor to push
off anything that comes in the way. The best thing that I like about this game
is that the obstacles don’t repeat, that is, there is no set pattern for the obstacles
in every level. This makes sure that player doesn’t get
bored easily. The 2nd game is an FPS game called Showdown
Legends and this game was one of the most anticipated games of 2018. Now I generally don’t play much of shooting
games but I have to admit I really enjoyed playing Legends.It has very good graphics,
a not so cluttered and complex UI and is also not super tough to play. The missions are all different from one another
so that keeps people glued to this game. It basically has something new to offer whenever
you open it.One negative aspect is that the load times are slightly more than the average
amount of patience we have nowadays. By the way, you can also play this game in
Multiplayer. I haven’t tried it because a) I prefer playing
alone and b) I’ve heard that it’s not as good. Why don’t you give it a try and then let
us know how it is in the comment section below! The 3rd game on our list is called Escape
Room and it’s a puzzle game. As the name suggests, the puzzle is to escape
the room and you can do that by finding the correct word to open the door.Now as easy
as that must sound, this puzzle game is unlike the rest. It’s actually very difficult to solve. It has a very cute UI and every stage has
just one screen in front. This screen has hidden clues in it and that
becomes the first challenge, finding the clues. The game also keeps throwing free clues at
you time and again, because I am sure the developers also realize that it’s a very
tough game.If you miss the chance to take the free clues, you will have to buy them
using the money that you collect after completing each round. Mind you, the money is almost never sufficient,
I have had to watch a number of ads to gain the clues. I think they should consider awarding more
money upon the completion of the levels. Anyway, this game is for all of you who love
tickling their brains every now and then. Moving on from a difficult puzzle game to
a fun arcade game called Bumper.io. My friends and I have been playing this game
for quite sometime now and we end up wasting a lot of time on it because we just can’t
stop playing it.The objective of this game is to push the other players off the platform. The more number of people you push off, the
bigger and stronger you get. The interface is clean and smooth, in fact
it’s so smooth that at times I fall out on my own. You might take some time to get the hang of
it and that is precisely the reason which will leave you glued to this game! The 5th game is called Plank and it’s an
action game. It can be played in normal mode as well as
in the AR mode. I prefer playing it in the AR mode and i’ll
let you know why. So in this game you have to create planks
to make this cute little character cross from one building top to the other. You need to hold your finger for an appropriate
amount of time to make the plank as long as required. You must have surely played this game earlier
in some or the other form, but this one is particularly amazing because of AR.The reason
why AR mode is better is because it gives you a perspective. The building can pop up in any direction so
at times it gets difficult to analyse the distance from a fixed angle. AR mode enables you to move around and then
figure out the distance in a better way.Another advantage is that the AR mode offers a multiplayer
option. So all the multiplayer fans can totally go
for this game. The 6th and the last game on the list is called
Mad Skills BMX and its a side-scrolling racing game. Now to be honest I find most of these racing
games quite similar and don’t see the point of the new games until and unless they have
something new to offer. Mad Skills caught my attention because the
difficulty level is slightly high. Also because it’s not a mindless racing
game where you just have to press the accelerator to speed up and win the race. This game uses physics concepts which makes
it a tad bit more realistic. You don’t have to accelerate the bike, you
just have to manage the landings and the jumps in such a way that the speed remains as high
as possible.The UI is again simple and clean and you can play this game easily with just
one finger. One thing I love is that the game itself prompts
you to restart the game once it realizes you can’t win the race. For all those who have stayed till now, I
have a bonus game for you as a note of thanks! This game is called Looper and it falls under
Puzzle category although I don’t really find it difficult enough to be called a puzzle. This is a musical, fun game that tests your
timing. Every level has got different patterns of
constellations, which get more complex with each passing level. Every tap will release a beat along the path
and you need to time these beats in such a manner that they don’t clash with each other. Once you successfully do that, you get to
hear a nice music at the end. Like I said, it’s not a very difficult game,
but I still like it for the music and the visuals. Ok guys, that’s it. This was our list of some of the best iOS
games of 2018. Do let us know your views on the video and
the games by commenting below.And if you’ve liked the video, do us a favor and smash that
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then, don’t forget to keep smiling 🙂 🙂 Okbye. 😀

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