50 Best Apple Arcade Games – Launch Day

– [Narrator] Apple Arcade
has finally landed, and many notable games have started to arrive on this platform. So, I present one of
my biggest videos yet, 50 best Apple Arcade games
to play on launch day. Oh, and this list is
in no particular order. Number 50, we have Hot Lava. Hot Lava is a multiplayer parkour game, where you can go into
multiple levels alone, or with other online players. You must avoid the, well
obviously hot lava below or else you die and go back
to the previous checkpoint. It’s one of the most high-end games on Apple Arcade right now, in
terms of graphical fidelity, and is also a really good
game to play with controllers. Number 49 is Outlanders. Here we have a 100% organic town-builder. I’m really, really digging
the art style here, it’s so colorful and looks
great on my iPhone XR display. Outlanders allows players to
control a group of people, and together you’ll
build a nice little town. Watch everyone’s happiness,
take care of your resources, and enjoy a wide selection of buildings. Number 48 we have
Shinsekai: Into the Depths. This is a post-apocalyptic
exploration game, where the world is slowly
being covered by ice. You’ll need to survive
by managing your oxygen, fighting creatures, and
searching for other survivors if they’re even out there. Capcom the developer, have implemented console quality technology,
and amazing sound-design. In-fact, all sounds were
captured underwater. Number 47 is Assemble with Care. From the people behind
Monument Valley, Ustwo Games comes a new adventure about
the ups and downs of life. Well that’s how I interpreted it anyway. It presents these stories in text format or with very creative puzzles,
where you can take apart and put together different items. If you like Monument Valley
or games like Florence, I highly suggest this one. Number 46 we have Sayonara Wild Hearts. Apple loved putting this
game on the for-front in their keynotes, and now
that I’ve had my hands on it, I can see why. It is so pretty, it has very
unique arcade mini-games, and fantastic music. It’s a rhythm game, that
I would say is symbolizing the pain that a young
woman is going through, and overall it’s a really
emotional roller-coaster. Give it a go. Number 45 is Oceanhorn 2. Oceanhorn 2 was the first game
I download on Apple Arcade, and I’d have to say it’s the
most high-end game on offer. If you’re looking for
a console quality game, this is what you’re after guys. It’s an action-RPG, where you
can collect powerful items, use a Caster Gun, solve ancient puzzles, and explore stunning locations. It’s not really implementing
anything drastically different from other games in the same genre, but it’s still a blast and
it shows what mobile gaming is actually capable of. Number 44 we have Frogger in Toy Town. Frogger is back and has
been completely redesigned. It has an all new 3D look,
power-ups, new obstacles, but the simple gameplay formula
that made the classic game such a success is still to be found here. Number 43 is Dear Reader. Yep this is a word game. It brings well-known literature and turns them into word puzzles. It’s a great game for any
age, bringing life lessons, spelling challenges, and classic stories. It’s perfect for a touchscreen too! Number 42 we have Various Daylife. I didn’t think I’d enjoy this RPG game, but Square Enix really
surprised me, I mean really. I just love how it plays. It’s like nothing else on this list. The top of your iPhone will display the main gameplay window, and you can move around
and interact with things with the lower part of the display. It feels a lot like you’re
playing on a GameBoy Color, or maybe I’m just being stupid. Number 41 is Jenny LeClue – Detectivu. If you’re looking for a really
in-depth narrative adventure mixed with mystery solving,
I recommend Jenny LeClue. Jenny LeClue follows a young detective, who must solve mysteries
in her own town Arthurton. I can tell the developer Mografi, put a lot of time and
attention to the writing here, as each character is quite
complex, put also the hand drawn world brings a mid-20th century aesthetic. Number 40 we have Skate City. Sadly, before this game
it was hard to find in-depth skating games on the App Store. Skate City changes this
up, bringing you classic environments that are perfect for nailing lots of different tricks. This game is much better to
be played with a controller to achieve more tricky
maneuvers on the skateboard. Number 39 is Punch Planet. Punch Planet is a competitive
Sci-Fi fighting game. It features, six playable
characters, four stages, a versus mode, an arcade mode, a survival mode, training mode, etc. It’s a solid fighting game,
if that’s what you’re after. Number 38 we have Hexaflip:
The Action Puzzler. From the creator of Glitch
Dash, comes Hexaflip. It works by you flipping side-to-side through over 80 levels, whilst avoiding different types
of obstacles along the way. It’s my favorite casual game
on Apple Arcade right now, and it’s perfect to pick up
and play for a few moments and you can just forget
about everything else. Number 37 is Stellar Commanders. Here we have a multiplayer
1 vs 1 strategy game. Both players are fighting
for total control of planets. The challenge here is that
you have only seven minutes to defeat the other player, or else the whole planet explodes. Number 36 we have Bleak Sword. Bleak Sword is a very challenging
and brutal action game. It has nine tense chapters,
where you must take down all the creatures that are
in each of those level. As you progress the creatures or monsters become more advanced
and you’ll have to learn their fighting styles in order to win. Number 35 is Projection: First Light. The developer BlowFish want this game to take you on a voyage
through the history of shadow puppets, as it goes
through a transition through, Indonesia, China, Turkey and
the 19th century England. It’s gameplay is different,
allowing you to control platforms with light and shadows. Number 34 we have LEGO Brawls. I see this becoming the most
popular multiplayer game on Apple Arcade in the following weeks. You can create a hero, and then jump into one versus one multiplayer battles. Build power-ups, work with your team, expand your Lego collection,
and enjoy multiple stages. Number 33 is Sonic Racing. Yes, we have a great racer
in Apple Arcade guys! Sonic Racing allows you to take control of 15 playable characters
from the sonic universe and compete in intense
multiplayer racing matches. There are power-ups, different vehicles, SET traps and attack competitors. Also you can play this game in landscape or portrait mode by changing
it from settings on the menu. Number 32 we have Spaceland. Looking for a turn-based
strategy on your iPhone? Spaceland is what you’re after. It is inspired by some of the best old-school turn-based strategies, but brings more dynamic battles, and top-notch graphical fidelity. There are lots of different
weapons, locations, dialogue between team
members, and much more. Number 31 is Big Time Sports. Often it’s hard to translate sport games onto a mobile device, but
Frosty Pop have brought us one that is perfect for a touch-screen. It features lots of sport
games like basketball, alpine skiing, baseball,
swimming, cycling, etc. But these games turn
into silly mini-games. It has really creative and intuitive touch-screen controls too. Take a look. Number 30 we have Neo Cab. Neo Cap is a sci-fi
narrative adventure game. You play as Lina, who is the
last human driver-for-hire on the streets of Los Ojos. I don’t know how to say that name. It’s all about driving, meeting people, learning their stories
and trying to stay human. Number 29 is Rayman Mini. Ubisoft have released
another Rayman game on iOS. With this mini version,
Rayman has been reduced to the size of an ant. It’s very similar to the previous game being a runner platforming game, that requires you to get the right rhythm in order to beat each of the levels. Three playable characters,
lots of costumes, and 48 levels are available too. Number 28 we have Mini Motorways. Mini Motorways is a game
about building lots of roads, to eventually create
a bustling metropolis. You need to keep the traffic
flowing, so carefully decide where the roads will go,
traffic lights, upgrades, etc. Number 27 is The Get Out Kids. Set in the summer of
1983, The Get Out Kids, follows Molly, Salim,
and a missing Dog, Moses. This narrative puzzler
is a rescue mission, that also shows the themes of friendship and change in ones life. Number 26 we have The Pinball Wizard. Yep it’s pinball, but instead
of a ball, it’s a wizard. You will propel the
wizard using the flippers, just like in a pinball machine. Each level is a contained
area inside a tower, and the end goal is to get to the top. Number 25 is Lifeslide. In this game you fly a paper airplane. Each level is a symbol of
our life, so as you progress, you’ll go through all the
stages of human life itself. It’s up to you to interpret
what it actually means, because it can be
different to each person. Number 24 we have WHAT THE GOLF? WHAT THE GOLF? it’s a golf parody game. It’s filled with levels,
that present a different mini game based on golf. It’s silly and ridiculous
and it’s not meant to be taken too seriously. Number 23 is Patterned. Patterned is a casual puzzle game. Each pattern begins with a sketch and you have to rebuild and put
down all the colored pieces. It’s inspired by jigsaw puzzles,
but with a unique twist. I’m much more looking
forward to playing this game on my iPad Pro later in the year because of the larger display. It’s just a little bit
awkward on an iPhone for me. Number 22 we have Sneaky Sasquatch. Get ready to control a
Sasquatch and steal food, scare people, disguise
yourself as a human, play golf, go fishing, cook, dig
up treasure, go driving, and so much more. It’s just a funny game, but I adore it, plus it has nice animation
and visual design elements. Number 21 is Towaga: Among Shadows. Among Shadows is an
action-adventure title. The developer Noodlecake
Studios said that the game is actually inspired by animated movies, along with their immersive soundtracks. You can use spells, improve
your abilities, unlock gear, and progress through 60 levels and go into four different game modes. Number 20 we have Way of the Turtle. Again, I didn’t think
this game would be for me, but I was proven wrong. It’s more complex than it looks guys, bringing unique power-ups,
clever platforming mechanics, and impressive 3D worlds
that use cinematic cameras. All that adds up to a pretty good immersive gaming experience. Number 19 is Where Cards Fall. Where Cards Fall is a really interesting coming of age story. It has you building houses of cards to create pathways so you can
cross through environments. As you play and build these houses, the game will show memories
of the main character. This will provide some
insights into his story of being in high school and beyond. Number 18 we have Stranded Sails. Apple Arcade is full of this genre, RPG games along with strategy actually. But Stranded Sails is about
a crew who are ship-wrecked on a mysterious archipelago. From here you need to farm, cook, explore, gather resources, go on quests, etc. It’s actually a pretty
big game and I didn’t get enough time to put into it for this video. Number 17 is Dodo Peak. Here we have a family game
that can be enjoyed by anyone, young and old. It’s a retro platformer,
where you play as a Dodo Bird, and must rescue your
babies among many levels. It’s more challenging than it looks. Number 16 we have tint. Tint is a nice colour mixing game. What’s your task? Well you mix watercolours solve different puzzles and levels. It’s such a soothing
game and can be played at your own pace. 50+ levels are here too. Number 15 is Shantae and the Seven Sirens. Here we have one of the most anticipated platformer games of Apple Arcade. It features characters to interact with, an undersea world to explore, magic to change between
new creature forms, different powerups, mini-games, and it just has classic
platforming gameplay, it’s great. Number 14 we have Cardpocalypse. Card games is what you’re getting here, but also an adventure story about saving the world too, I suppose. But mainly it features card games. It’s probably the best game in this genre that I’ve played on mobile
for a really long time. You will trade, earn, battle, wager, change rules and alter cards
on your own way to victory. Number 13 is Grindstone. Grindstone is a game of
sword-slashing battles. You must slay lots of creatures and reach the top of a treacherous peak. It’s honestly such a
super satisfying game. It’s not going to be for everyone, but give it a go, you may enjoy it. Number 12 we have ChuChu Rocket Universe. ChuChu Rocket is back and is now a 3D arcade puzzle experience, which allows allows for up to one to four multiplayer matches too. The same cat and mouse gameplay is here, bringing a new art style,
planets, and boss battles, etc. It’s a really good classic arcade game. It’s perfect for this platform and also on Apple TV it’s
gonna be great for that too. Number 11 is DreadNautical. DreadNautical is another turn-based RPG, but it also has rogue-like elements. It has in-depth gameplay mechanics that are easy to pick and up play, but even for seasoned gamers
will bring a challenge. In addition, it has a
cartoonish but unnerving tone. Number 10 we have Cat Quest 2. Following the success of the
original action RPG, Cat Quest, the developers The Gentlebros
have been hard at work on their sequel. Now it’s here and it’s
a part of Apple Arcade. We have a new story,
spells, weapons, characters, controller support, a new
character switch mechanic and local two player co-op. Number 9 is Cricket Through the Ages. Developer Digital have
brought this new cricket game, that attempts to show
cricket throughout history, but obviously in a
really ridiculous manner. Really this is not how cricket is played, but you’ll be laughing alone or with another player
in two-player co-op. Number 8 we have ATONE:
Heart of the Elder Tree. Man, this is a stunning game. From the visuals which are
dark but also really vibrant to the gameplay which is
always switching it up. Plus, there is a great narrative here between a father and daughter. I really enjoyed playing this one and I think some of you
will absolutely love it if you’re into adventure games and all that type of good stuff. Give it a go. Number 7 is Spek. Spek. is super trippy. You play with perspective to
guide a dot through levels. Spek. plays with both 2D, and
3D space, and it’s beautiful. As you play you’ll notice that each level is dramatically different to the last. Number 6 we have Don’t Bug Me! You might be thinking
what the heck is this? Well Don’t Bug Me! is many genres. It’s a resource management, tower defense and first person shooter game. The goal is to look after
the computer or machine behind you at all costs. Number 5 is The Enchanted World. The Enchanted World is a tile
sliding puzzle-adventure. You’ll be guiding a fairy through levels, that have different sliding puzzles, and strange poly
environments and creatures. Every scene was crafted by hand, and that’s pretty impressive. Number 4 we have Mutazione,
I may have said that wrong. If you’re looking for an adventure game on the level of, I don’t
know, Thimbleweed Park, I think this one is up your alley. It’s a coming of age
story, that tells the story of a strange and secret community. It’s hand-illustrated visuals are really, really, exceptional, and I can’t wait to experience
them on my iPad Pro. Number 3 is Overland. Finji have brought a very fleshed out strategy game to Apple Arcade. It’s a post-apocalyptic
road-trip survival game. You must rescue and take care
of survivors, fight creatures, explore, keep fuel in the tank of your car and scavenge for supplies like fuel, first aid kits, and weapons. Number 2 we have EarthNight. I don’t know man, this game
reminds me of the hard-core gameplay and visuals found
in the 1995 Rayman game, and I’m really digging it. Dragons have taken over earth, and all humans have escaped to space. It’s up to two playable characters to go back down to earth and take it back. Number 1 we have Exit the Gungeon. Exit The Gungeon is my most
played game on Apple Arcade. It’s my favorite game along
with Oceanhorn 2 actually. Exit the Gungeon is a
bullet hell dungeon climber, that takes place in ascending elevators, and you have a constantly changing gun. In addition there are shifting
rooms, enemies, bosses, weird weapons, I mean really
weird weapons, and much more. It would be so much better if they added in local or online co-op. But apart from that, what a good game. So far, what are your Apple
Arcade games from launch? Let me know in the comments. Please leave a like, as was
the hardest video project I’ve ever worked on, period. Anyway, subscribe and
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Apple Arcade videos. Anyway, thanks for
watching, I really mean it.

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