5 Sports Cars That LOST The MOST Value

5 Sports Cars That LOST The MOST Value

oh my god Becky could you imagine
knowing that you’re going to lose $100,000 owning a car for five years
that’s pure insanity that new new baby that new car smell can cost you a
boatload of money if you bought one of these five sports cars that depreciate
faster than a rock at terminal velocity please yeah once you drive one of these
high-end sports cars off of the lot you end up burning through more cash than if
you were to just take a shovel with $100 bills and throw it into a furnace and
you’re gonna want to stick around because number five on this list any
sucker that bought that car knew would have lost over $100,000 if they sold it
today and the first car on this list the one that depreciated the least is the
2014 audi s5 now the audi s5 is a high-performance variant of the a5 and
you know what’s nice a little supercharged 3-liter engine pushing out
333 horses and 325 foot-pounds of torque good for a 0 to 60 run in under five
seconds and all that power is put down to the ground via the legendary Quattro
all-wheel drive system which also keeps the pudgy 3924 pound curb weight in
check plus aesthetically the a5 and s5 get a nod for me for being one of the
most beautifully designed coupes ever made so you think that these cars would
hold their value quite well wouldn’t you well guys just like the first time that
you were fooled by a padded bra looks can be deceiving
yep okay so here is the graph and it goes back to 2014 because again this
video is about the first five years of depreciation and which cars depreciate
the most so if you were to buy this Audi s5 and 2014 back in July of 13 when they
first came out for roughly 57 K and you were to hold on to it for five years
well you would have lost over 50% 51% in the first five years insane next on the
list is the Mercedes SL 550 now the Mercedes SL may be German but it speaks
the international language of wealth fluently and whether you’re gonna spend
your day at the Playboy Mansion or facetiming Kanye with the top down AC
blowing and the cooled seats running at full chill you’ll be right at home in
the SL but here’s the thing if you piss off a playmate or Kim Kardashian gets
jealous that you’re taking up too much of Kanye’s time and jumps under neon
yellow Mercedes G 500 4×4 squared to chase you
down and give you a spanking the SL 550 will get you out of trouble just as
quick as it got you in it because the 429 horsepower 4.7 liter twin-turbo v8
will knock out zero to 60 in 4.1 seconds and it will cruise like it’s on the
fluffiest cloud at 159 miles an hour I’m sure Kim can hit hard but you know what
hits harder depreciation on the SL that was a bad joke I’m sorry but if you were
to buy an SL in late 2013 for roughly a hundred and ten thousand dollars hold on
to that bad boy for five years and it would be worth fifty two grand or you
would have lost fifty two point six percent owning that bad boy for five
years oh baby next up on the list is a BMW m5 and the fifth generation of m5
could be ordered with the six-speed manual transmission which is extremely
cool and almost unheard of in this market segment and that transmission
made it to a four point four litre twin-turbocharged v8 producing a
whopping 560 horsepower will barbecue zero to 60 in just 3.7 seconds but what
really sets the m5 apart from the pack is how well tuned the chassis is with on
centre steering crisp turnin and virtually non-existent body roll makes
this big body sedan feel much more flickable than the 3487 pound kerb
weight and it’s almost as flickable as the hundred dollar bills you’ll be
flicking towards depreciation for the first five years that you owned it
well back in 2014 you would have paid almost ninety four thousand dollars for
f10 m5 and holding on to that bad boy for five years well it’s worth less than
half that at its lost over 54% of its value and it’s worth forty two thousand
eight hundred or so not the ideal investment but probably was fun 200 and
Audi didn’t want to be outdone so they built an m5 competitor that would lose
more money than the m5 and guess what they succeeded
yeah the Audi s6 is that kind of card that when you get into it no matter what
the speed limit it always feels slow I found that in BMWs it feels like you’re
going fast but to get more out of the car you actually have to kind of coax it
and without ease especially the s6 it feels extremely comfortable well into
the fun side of 100 miles an hour maybe that has to do with the 420 horsepower
twin turbo v8 that has a seamlessly deep power reserve which pushes the micro
land yacht from zero to 60 in just 3.8 seconds but if you had any financial
reserves before you bought the car you probably don’t after owning it for five
years now the MSRP for the 2014 s6 is actually about fifteen grand less than
the f10 m5 but it lost more value over the first five years as you can see here
almost 57 percent of its value was lost well ladies and gents we have a winner
the car that would have lost you 100 thousand dollars in the first five years
of ownership is the Maserati GranTurismo it’s like the word Gran Turismo stands
for depreciation guaranteed gold chain and hairy chest extra joking aside I
really like the Gran Turismo but they are built right next to Ferraris and
with a hundred percent chance of something expensive breaking while you
own it the used car values keep plummeting but for some reason the
temptation to own one is still there and I generally avoid temptation unless I
can’t resist it because the 4.7 liter v8 syncs heavenly notes in the 454 horses
rocket this Italian beauty from zero to 60 in less than five seconds god this Court is so tempting so I can
see why people bought them brand-new but those owners better not get their
panties in a bunch when they realized that five years of pleasure with an
Italian supermodel cost them over twenty thousand dollars a year which if it
wasn’t real Italian supermodel might not be a bad deal well you’ve been warned
because once you see this you cannot unsee it and it’s the depreciation for
the 2014 Grand Turismo now you would have bought it new for roughly one
hundred fifty five thousand dollars and in the first five years just like the
steepest slide in the history of slides sixty five percent is gone sixty five
unbelievable over one hundred thousand dollars lost that’s insane
also let’s switch gears if you haven’t seen the video on five turbos that
you’ll never lose a dime on well now’s your chance go check it out over here or
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that ideal lifestyle

40 thoughts on “5 Sports Cars That LOST The MOST Value

  1. These 5 Sports Cars DEPRECIATE Like A ROCK! What other cars do you know of that take a huge hit value wise in the first few years?!
    Also, just launched the limited edition Ideal SUPRA Shirt! http://bit.ly/IdealSUPRA

  2. This guy makes himself feel better about not having a dope car by ensuing that the car purchasers are stupid buying the car they wanted / had the money go buy. What are you supposed to wait 5 years to see how the car you want now is going to depreciate. We know it’s gonna depreciate . We get it for the joy and passion

  3. 2014 Audi RS5 is my dream car
    Don’t judge, which, I’m sure if you watch this channel, you won’t
    It’s a helluva car

  4. The white Maserati on wheels in the background is my friend's car. He currently has it for sale. Kinda funny. Where did you find that pic? lol

  5. I bought nearly new Fiat Seicento in Poland for 12000 PLN (around 2500-3000$). Was driving it for 10 years. I sold it recently to the junkyard for 150 PLN (40$). 99% value loss 😀

  6. Mostly Audis Mercedes BMWs Maseratis or mostly endless money pits as they age that's why those course lose a lot appreciation

  7. Hold on a minute, am I the only one that noticed he called the austin martin "Italian Beauty" @5:20 … last time I checked austin martin was British

  8. How did the S65 AMG not make this list? Brand new: ~240K. 5 years later: ~80K.

    You can buy that Maserati brand new just from the depreciation.

  9. I'd still get one. It sounds so good and looks like what a sports car looks like in my head. Yes yes… depreciation-metiation… If I have 200k to waste on a coupe I probably have more bags of money to not waste of better cars too, so having one in the garage wouldn't be all that bad. It's what? 19 feet? It's phallic perfection. lol. There are way better GT's… but the way it sounds. Yessshhh. Some people spend more on speaker systems so in a way… it's a deal. haha. i'd just sit in my driveway and rev for a few mins per day.

  10. All car makers double the price of what it’s actually worth, knowing it’ll be about bottom line in the end, clever 🤔

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