5 Free Mobile Games! — App All Knight

5 Free Mobile Games! — App All Knight

Hello there. I’m Jake. This computer has nothing to do with what we’re going to talk about. What are we going to talk about? Fantastic question. Let’s get ready to App All Knight. *One of Jake’s unidentifiable sounds* Have I ever told you that you’re Super…cat
tales. This game is inspired by retro platformers and it is also fun and adorable. Tap left and right to steer Alex the Cat around. To climb walls just keep moving in that direction. If you need to jump from one to the other
just tap in the opposite direction of the wall you’re currently on. Try to collects coins and bells along the
way. With enough coins you can buy helpers at the store. Don’t stress about collecting every bell
but keep in mind you’ll need a certain amount to proceed to new levels. As you go new challenges will arrive like
jumping from platform to platform. To do this double tap and hold to run. Even further in the game there will be jerks…I
mean obstacles that cause you to lose points when you come into contact. If it happens too many times you’ll die. So start over again but be more careful. Sometimes monkeys will try to hit you with baseballs so do not trust them. You sneaky little monkeys. Along the way you can unlock cats with different capabilities. For example, Alex cannot smash through brick
walls but Brutus can. And Brutus cannot climb walls and scare monkeys the way Alex can. Swimming through the water uses the same controls
but you’ll find yourself tapping more to stay afloat. You need to collect the key in the second
to last level and use it to unlock the door to the next world. This game takes a lot of experimenting because
the solution isn’t alway obvious. For example, to get out of this predicament
you need to wait till the beetle is upside down and then double tap to run into the wall. So the fate of your cat depends on a variety
of factors but to choose your own check out Dofus Touch. This MMO game takes you through worlds where
you can interact with other players as well as Non Playable characters. To begin choose a character from a selection of classes. Click on information to see what characteristics
and skills it comes with. You’ll be guided through a couple of steps
first like how to equip yourself and how to battle characters. This is done by tapping the screen to approach
your opponent. Then you take turns and cast the spells to try and defeat the enemy. Each spell costs action points which will
designate what you’re able to use. Completing quests is a way to gain experience
points which in turn open up levels. The economy is controlled by the players as well as many components in the game. It feels almost endless with all the challenges, quests, monsters, and more so I’ll leave it to you to explore and discover while I go play Rodeo Stampede. Where you ride a buffalo and jump from one to another. You do this by holding down to get your lasso ready and then tapping the next animal to land on it. Slide your finger to steer but sometimes it’s
easier to just ride another animal instead of maneuvering through obstacles. If you wait too long it will get angry and
make it more difficult for you. As you go new ones will pop up like zebras
which you can befriend and then take sick snapshots wit like this. Or this. But beware of walls and other animals because they’ll kill you. But if you’re riding an elephant then no
worries because it can just trample over all other animals. Now if steering animals is old news for you
then steer a spacecraft and shoot enemies down with Xenoraid which is a procedurally generated shoote’m up game where the mission is to
blast enemy ships before they get you first. You’ll be given a mission to complete and
if you don’t, they’ll make you feel like a failure but you’re not and you’ll get
it next time sport! Within each level are waves of new enemies. You’ll be warned about these by commander’s speech bubbles on the side. You’ll also be warned when you’re ship
has been critically damaged but you have extra ones to use when it’s destroyed. If you can get through all the waves of a level then you’ve succeeded. Congratulations. It’s better to shoot at shorter distances
if you’re able to dodge attacks because it’s easier to blast them. It’s even easier to get them with a missile
but unfortunately you have a limited number of those. And instead of blowing things let’s blow minds with Politaire a minimalistic game of poker mixed with solitaire. So it’s like solitaire but the goal is to
develop poker hands. Which can be done in several ways by swapping
out a current card for another one in the deck. There isn’t really winning in this game
but it’s fun to try to achieve the highest score possible. For example, getting one pair of the same
number in the cards only gives you fourteen points in this case but the higher the card
the more points you score even if it’s the same hand. When the cards are replaced sometimes it will
develop new hands, most often one pair, and you’ll have a run of several at once. This will give you quick points but not necessarily
the highest you can achieve so try to be tactical about it. Links to all the apps can be found in the description below and if you want more App All Knight in your life there’s a playlist somewhere here probably. I can’t really look. I’m looking at my screen and it’s filled with numbers and things. Letters and asterisks. I’m hacking. I’m a hacker. Hey! Hey. And as always, thanks for watching.

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  1. You need to put the game Evolution in a list. it's a game where you can make creatures that are procedurally evolved every generation until they become the perfect organism.

  2. I liked before the video started then wanted to like again at the end only to realize I had already done it

  3. Whoa, an official DOFUS mobile port!!!!? Man, Dofus and Wakfu are perfect for it! No more needing to rig my tablet to play!

  4. i love rodeo stampede! glad to see it on the list, highy suggest it to anyone who likes infinite runners.

  5. You guys are the best human beings ever. So tell Michael to HURRY UP WITH HIS VSAUCE 1 VIDEO. We need more of him in our lives…

  6. I am a young app developer without the big influence of the big guys, and I just want to share what I've created with the world. I have two apps on the App Store, and I think this audience would love them (Think of them as 2 additional apps for the video)

    The first is a text-based game where you talk with a character named Wesley and help him make decisions to guide him along his journey. Every choice you make influences the story in some way. It's a super engaging and exciting story that I know you'll love.

    My other app is an AI that generates completely random quotes. It has almost 8 billion possible quotes, and I can guarantee you will enjoy the quotes it generates. It generates inspiring, motivational, funny, and even straight up strange quotes. You'll love it.

    Here are the links to my two apps. Thanks for checking them out, and I hope you enjoy them.
    First: https://appsto.re/us/2a1cgb.i
    Second: https://appsto.re/us/Kb3xhb.i

  7. none of these apps can provide more than an hour of entertainment. even the mmo due to it being the most generic garbage mmo available that isn't a unity asset flip with fake online multiplayer

  8. you can play dofus on computer too. but i think wakfu is better. its simular game and This games was made by one studio.

  9. what happened right before the intro card, it sounded like some one was having a hard time breathing or something, is everyone ok ? 00:14

  10. Dofus touch is derived from a super old PC game and uses many of the same assets, it shares the same universe as one of my favorite TV series made by the French!

  11. Dofus is basically a mobile version of Wakfu.
    Made by the same Studio, has the same background, and is the same type of game.
    I was wondering why the characters looked so similar…

  12. Check out this fun new lit game for ios and android!!!

  13. I have this addicting game on my mobile phone “fetching mimu only” (Google it) and it was fun on my phone. This is a game for all ages, my mother and kid (sixty-four & 7) both like this game and find it simple to play. This video game is perfect for the whole family. This video game offers vivid colors and quick action.

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