5 Best FREE Android & iOS Mobile Games of the Week | TL;DR Reviews #5

Welcome to my 5 games in 5 minutes YouTube-series,
where we have a look at the 5 mobile games I played last week, giving you fine folk as
much insight as possible in only 1 minute per game! Ready. Set. Let’s get to the games! MMA Manager is essentially Crash Arena Turbo
Stars for the sports fighting game genre. We hire a team of MMA Fighters, train them
to become stronger and better, and then take on campaign or PVP fights that unfold automatically
(like in C.A.T.S). We upgrade our gym, add new training facilities,
and then rinse and repeat. The interesting part is figuring out how to
configure each fighter so that he/she best counters the opponent. Should you go all in on aggressive shoulder
attacks, or take a defensive stance and going for high kicks? The strategic element is rather deep, which
means that although there’s a bit of a learning curve, it’s a game you can actually become
really good at. Monetization happens through speeding up training,
but iAP are disabled during beta. The game requires online access, takes up
200 MB of space, is out on Android only for now, and my final verdict is that you should
definitely go play this one 🙂 We take off in a rescue helicopter, shooting
enemy vehicles and buildings in a quest to save our allies, who are held hostage, and
return them safely to our base. That’s the basic concept of 2D arcade game
Dustoff Heli Rescue 2, and I really enjoyed playing through its 30 missions (not done
yet). The main frustration is the energy system,
which limits us to 10 plays before having to wait or pay. The game is offline playable, takes up 229
mb of space, is out on Android and iOS, and my final verdict is that you should definitely
play it! With 40 singleplayer missions, Air Combat
Pilot is a visually great-looking WW2 themed flying game that isn’t exactly a dogfighter,
but rather focuses on completing objectives, such as destroying air balloons or ground
targets, such as ships. The game is a lot of fun, but half of all
planes can only be unlocked through premium currency, and the other half requires so much
in-game currency that we have to grind quite a bit to buy them. Additionally, unless we buy a $3 iAP, ads
will appear every once in a while, which means the monetization is rather heavy for a free
to play title. Most controllers should work with the game,
although the there are also both gyroscope and joystick controls, which also work just
fine. A neat air combat game overall! The game can be played offline, takes up 229
MB of space, is out on Android and iOS, and my final verdict is that you should definitely
play it! Talion is a new open-world MMORPG from Gamevil
in beta until June 5th, and it’s simultaneously the most gorgeous-looking and automated game
I’ve ever played. Although the 3 available classes are gender-locked,
the character creation screen allows for an insane amount of customization, but once we
enter the game, EVERYTHING is automated. We run, fight, use skills, and start quests
automatically, only tapping every now and then to complete a quest. Although some dungeons can be completed on
auto too, the other dungeons and the 5 vs 5, 20 vs 20, and 50 vs 50 grand-scale PVP
modes are the games main appeal right now, but most are time-locked and I haven’t been
able to catch any of them yet (I expect they’ll be more easily available for all time-zones
after beta). Since accounts are wiped after the beta, there’s
no monetization enabled yet, so it’s impossible to say how p2w the game will become. I expect monetization to focus on xp increase
and other scrolls and cosmetics. The game requires online access, takes up
3.33 GB of space, is out on Android and iOS, and my final verdict is that you should skip
this one unless you really love idle MMOs! Onmyoji Arena is a visually stunning (seriously,
just look at the 3D models!) 3 lane 5v5 MOBA with NO p2w Arcane/Rune system. Yes, finally! Instead, the game monetizes purely through
selling characters (which can of course also be acquired for in-game gold, as in any other
moba), and skins. To add a strategic element to the game, instead
of runes, we have “Abilities”, which are not upgradeable, but can be mixed to create unique
character (want to surprise the opponent by going all in on phy. defense on an otherwise
weak-armored DPS character? We can do that! :p). Easily the best MOBA I’ve played because of
the fair gameplay and smooth gameplay. The game requires online access, takes up
1.62 GB of space, is out on Android and iOS, and my final verdict is that you should definitely
play this game, as it’s my favorite of the week! Thanks for watching, let me which game was
your favorite, and and until next time, just keep gaming, stay awesome, and I’ll see you
guys around 😉

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