100 thoughts on “$43 Fake AirPods 2 – How Bad Is It?

  1. hey techsmart have you ever tried using the studio headphones vs the cheap or low cost headphones with a amplifiers to see how much of a clear difference

  2. You have many EarPods. You can 🎁 gift me one please.

    I think you will give me a gift of one Apple EarPods. Please 🥺


  3. Send me some air pods buddy pot i’ll pay you back with the 10$ dollars i got from washing the dishes 🙂

  4. Airpods 2 didn’t get any better in sound quality
    The reason for only buying fakes are sound qualities and price
    I personally think airpods sucks
    If you want to get a good sounding wireless earphones, get some beats wireless earphones, they are atleast better than airpods
    If you really want a good sounding one
    No choice except for wired ones

  5. Just to let you know AirPods do work on Android I have original ones and I'm using them on my Samsung

  6. You should do a review/giveaway/unboxing on the Knockies Pop Window Aire 2’s! They seem to be really close to the AirPod 2’s! Thanks

  7. I have air pods and lost them so I decided to buy i12s for 15$ they literally sound the exact same and do the same things even has wireless charging

  8. i have the origional one but there is a problem, one side airpod has low sound as compare to other.. plz help.. i also reset my airpods but the problem still persist,, any help ..plz

  9. As I was thinking watching this video when he said hey Siri compatibility Siri popped up and told me the definition😲

  10. There’s an add on your page claiming to sell real apple air pods for up to 70% off with a random discount code generator for a limited time. I clicked on it and it offered them to me for $59. It’s called DoReMi sounds. Ever heard of this place? Legit????

  11. You should test how the fake air pods work with videos. I had a fake pair once, and the sound and video were never synced up. It was super annoying.

  12. I have AirPod 2 but there is no light in the front I know their AirPod 2 bcz the vid pauses when I take it out of my ear

  13. When testing out audio with speakers and earbuds it's recommended to listen to Bohemian rhapsody, it has the complete set of highs and lows in instruments and vocals.

  14. I have a really good pair of fake AirPods there called i11 there in a blue box and there really good so they would be good to compare You connect the same as AirPods and the sound is really good .

  15. Quick tip open your AirPods case and flip it upside down and if it doesn’t close they real and if they close they fake

  16. I bought it at the JC lineup ( @t ) store last week and I'm super happy with the AirPod that looks just like the Original. It is amazing! And the service of this store is impeccable. Of all the Replicas I ever had, this one is by far the best!

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