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  1. Apologies in advance if my narration sounds a little…off. I was dealing with some serious congestion after being sick! The show must go on, as they say. Thanks, and hope you enjoy!

  2. I am stunned that there was a market for playing GB, GBC and GBA games on your television …….. I played GB and GBC back in the day, but hell I never wanted to play any of those games on my TV since they are inferior to actual normal Nintendo Consol games…..why would anyone ever want that!?!?!?

  3. Appreciate we're almost a year after this video was made but I currently play GB games on my TV using the Retrofreak by Cybergadget. It's amazing and has option for viewing various colour options, filters and turning surrounds on/off. It also has some cheat codes that are much more explicit about what they do!

  4. my GB Hunter didn't work.
    Either it was defective right out of the box, or all the '64 games I had didn't work.
    I only had a few – Quest 64, Castlevania 64 (the first one), and Pod Racer, conquor's bad fur day. Oh and shadows of the empire.
    I think I only tried it with one of my cartridges and since it dind't work, i didn't try with the others.
    I dind't know some games wouldn't work. I figured it was just a waste of money and I shoudln't have been upset at buying some Chinese knock-off product.

  5. OK, but here's a question, was there anything that could let me, oh, I don't know, play GBA games on my TV via my Wii? Also was there ever a device that would let me play games from the DS series, (original to 3DS), via my Wii U on my TV? That'd be cool! Rockatoa, Brickticks out!!!

  6. Man, Datel was such hot garbage. I'm so glad I never got the GB Hunter. I would have been so excited to get it as a kid, and so disappointed by it…

  7. I had the GBA TV Converter. Since I was a PS guy by then, it was my best alternative. I did have someone solder the thing on my GBA though.

  8. The trainer is like using cheat engine for some flash game and some indie/late 2000s games. With the basics, you can search for values (lives/money/health/etc.) and change/freeze them. Then people build cheat tables for cheat engine… which I have little knowledge on but I do prefer them over actual trainers.

  9. @Gaming Historian Can you please tell me what game that is at 11:59? I remember it for the Mac but I don't remember the name.

  10. I just stick with emulation if I want to play Gameboy games on my TV. I'm pretty sure some SNES emulators even have the option of running the Gameboy roms through a Super Gameboy rom.

    Technically not the most ethical approach, but I personally own most of the hardware I emulate anyway, but I like having the option to speed up gameplay during grind sessions in games like Pokemon Red/Blue. I don't have time for that stuff like I used to lol

  11. for the sound with the GB Hunter, just play the games on mute, and play the game's sound track on YouTube with your phone and earphones in.
    for the PlayStation thing, play the game's soundtrack CD album.

    i agree, i'll stick with a GameBoy Player two.

  12. in regards to the playstation one, it connects the same way the gameshark did. my gameshark had multiple memory cards built in, but to use them you could not have a normal memory card in slot one.

  13. 5:00 "or if you have a strange love for the N64"

    Missed opportunity to say "I'm looking at you, Nathaniel Bandy."

  14. The wideboy 64 shows that n64 can handle even GBA games. I mean the one thats only sold to special people. Pikasprey Yellow made a video on this actually.

  15. Why not just use a Homebrew'd PSP to play GBA and GB games with a component cable and a component to HDMI upscaler box?

  16. That GB Hunter cheat tool sounds like Cheat Engine for the PC. Cheat Engine is pretty interesting to play around with.

  17. that save backup feature sounds to me like it would back up the battery back saves on some game boy cartridges to your Playstation memory card. Pretty handy if you ask me. Assuming that's what it does.

  18. in hong kong (perhaps Taiwan too), people call external cheat device as "golden finger".  The website below suggests the name is from the gold color pinout of the Famicom/Nintendo cartridge.  i think "golden finger" is actually "action replay"  the address because they use the same format. anyway the code you got from 3:43 is called "golden finger" code.  https://www.zhihu.com/question/22208198   (sorry it is in Chinese language).

  19. I never understand why someone wound what to rip an GBA video cart wean if that had an laptop with an DVD drive you could get better video.

  20. One thing about the Gameport is that Its the only way to play gameboy games on the Wii, albeit only on the wiis with gamecube compatibility.

  21. Here's a little table I made to show how many times you can save game states on the Advance Game Port. The number of times depends on the size of the Memory Card.

  22. the best AVGN episodes was where he'd go into something that wasn't a specific game. Nintendo Power, NES Accessories, and the Pong Consoles

  23. Hi there, I am a triggered millennial SJW- and your constant use of the word "gameboy" is sexist microaggressions. Please change this video so all mentions of gender are removed. It should be called "gameperson", and only until we liberals decide that "person" is also not politically correct.

    Also please respect those with transgender game"boy"s.

    I am a cosmic tree gender, and if you dare call me a white male, I will sue you. Doesn't matter what my chromosomes say- you still have to pretend with me, yes even JOIN me in my imagination, or I will sue you for being a hater who practices hate speech.

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  24. I'm curious if you'd be interested in doing an episode on the Cheat Engine – a program that functions extremely similarly to the cheat code finder and trainer system you mention here. I'm actually fascinated by the fact that similar terminology is used – I'm very curious how that culture and language came about from seemingly entirely unrelated products.

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