24 Hours Trapped on Roof with Best Friend! (Secret Meeting with Game Master Spy) Matt and Rebecca

24 Hours Trapped on Roof with Best Friend! (Secret Meeting with Game Master Spy) Matt and Rebecca

– Okay, we need sunscreen
if we’re trapping her on the roof for 24 hours. We need sunscreen-
– We need supplies. – Okay.
– Come on Bec. – Let me grab, it might get
cold up on the roof, right? – Okay, Rebecca, there’s a secret meeting happening up on a roof,
we need to get prepared, come on we don’t know how
much time we have left. – We have a bag. Oh, hair brush.
– Hair brush? You don’t need a hair brush. – Yes I do.
– Rebecca. – I’m still bringing a hair brush, I have to have brushed hair. Spy gadgets map, we need a flashlight, we need a sleeping bag, we need a tent, we need everything so we can
stay up there and trap her and be okay. Oh, food, we need food, I’ll get food you get the spy gadgets. – Spy gadgets, spy
gadgets, what do we need? Spy gadgets, where are– Okay, noise canceling headphones, check. Spy cameras, spy watch, handcuffs. Maybe. I got ’em, I got ’em, I got ’em, I got the spy gadgets Bec. – Okay.
– You got food? – We have water, waters
and snacks, maybe a soda just in case.
– Soda? – Yeah.
– Rebecca. – What do we have? – We have the Fruity
Pebbles from only eating rainbow food for 24 hours.
– We got Fruity Pebbles? – Yeah, that’ll be good. – Okay.
– Gummy Bears, we have. – [Together] Goldfish. – Are good, cookies. – Yes, animal cookies.
– Eating really healthy for the next 24 hours on the roof. Matt, did you get the
sleeping bag and the tent? Alice is gonna be here any
minute, we have to set up, she can’t know we’re trapping her.
– okay, I’m going, I’m going. All right, sleeping bag,
I got the sleeping bag. – [Rebecca] Matt, the tent. – The tent?
– Here’s a popped up tent. If we’re gonna be up there 24 hours, we’re gonna be spending the night. Matt, what are you doing? – Twister, Jenga.
– What, why do we need games? – Just in case we need to
get the backpack off Bec. – Oh yeah, she can’t do
Twister in a backpack. – No way.
– Okay, grab it, let’s go. – [Matt] Yes Bec, you got it, you got it. – Matt, what are you carrying? – [Matt] I’ll meet you up there. – Matt, come on, help me. – You got this Bec.
– We have to get set up. – [Matt] Okay, coming up. – You have the spy camera’s, right? – Yep, that’s what I got. – We need to set that up just in case. – True.
– I don’t know if we can trust her, come on. Here, I guess we just set it here, right? – [Matt] No, we need to
hide it in spots Bec, we need to hide this. Oh, also, the containers over there. Rebecca, I have an idea.
– What? – I have an idea. I’m gonna put this over here. This one right here’s empty. Yes, okay, we’re gonna put this up here, okay, and right there. Now that we have this hidden
I guess she won’t know that we’re really planning
to trap her up here for 24 hours. Spy camera.
– Okay, Matt. – Right up here.
– Yes. – Right there right?
– Yeah, we need to know if she does anything
while we’re not watching. ZAMFAM, you need to keep an eye out. What about the other side? – Oh, good call. You know what, set one up right
over here, on the barbecue, no one’s gonna know. – [Bec] Matt, do we know where the secret meeting’s gonna be? – No, we’re gonna have
to find out from Alice. – [Bec] Okay, then we’re
gonna have to move the cameras if it’s somewhere else.
– Exactly, yep. Welcome back to the Matt
and Rebecca channel. – Right now we are going to
be trapping my best friend on the roof for 24 hours
so we can watch her attend a secret meeting with GMI agents. Matt got a note from her backpack when it fell out at the ocean and it said that there was
a meeting happening today while we were handcuffed for 24 hours, but we’re not sure we can trust her which is why we have to
trap her on the roof. Also, I don’t think
GMI agent has ever been to our place. – That’s right. Do we need to anything? – I don’t know. But our big mission today,
on top of our secret meeting, is to find out information. – But most importantly, we
need to get her backpack. – Yeah, we need to figure
out what is inside, so whatever we need to
do to distract her during this 24 hour challenge, we have to do, we have to get inside. You guys let us know what
you think is inside there. – To make sure your subscribe,
have notifications on, and give us a thumbs up so
that we can find out exactly what is going on. – Yeah, we need to figure it out. She’s here. Yeah, it’s Alice.
– Oh, okay. – She can’t know we’re trapping her. – [Matt] No, no, okay. – Hey Alice, come on in. Oh hey, hey.
– Peanut. – Hey that–
– Fix the shirt. – Yep, there we go. – [Matt] Good boy Peanut. – So, secret meeting today. Matt and I are ready to spy. – Yeah.
– whatever you guys do we cannot get caught, you
have to stay invisible, you have to stay hidden. And whatever happens, no
matter what, you can’t be seen. – Of course, we’ll stay hidden. So do you know when the
meeting’s happening? – It’s gonna be happening soon. – Okay.
– They’re gonna give me a text with about a five minute warning and I have to be up on the
roof as soon as I get it. – [Matt] Oh, should we get up there? – Yeah, you know what? We should go up there and check it out so we know where we should hide. – Okay.
– Right? Hey, Alice, let’s go. – Come on Alice.
– Come here. We have to figure out where
we’re gonna stay hidden. – Oh, okay. – [Matt] Peanut, no Peanut,
you’re gonna stay here, you need to stay here. Yeah, why don’t you guys go out there? – Oh, I guess the dogs are coming too. – [Matt] I’ll meet you guys out, okay? – Yep.
– I’m just saying. Okay, we’re all set. – Yep.
– Welcome back up to the roof. – Yeah, so we were
thinking maybe we can hide behind some of those chairs, or we could go behind
a couch if it’s here. If it’s over here, I was
thinking, I don’t know, maybe around the corner or something. – Yeah.
– Maybe it’s just best if you guys hide inside and
you look out the window. – Hide inside?
– Hide inside, no. – No, not at all.
– I feel like we should– Ah, you guys. – [Matt] What. What’d you do? Did you lock us out here?
– The door’s not opening. Why isn’t the door opening? – [Matt] Let’s go to your side, maybe it’s open on your side. – But, I, I, I didn’t find
the, he never gave me the key. How do we get off this roof? – [Matt] Oh, there’s
one more door I guess. – [Alice] There’s another door? – Yeah, yep, no, I guess. – It’s locked.
– She’s panicking. She wanted us to not be here. – What do we do? How do we get off the roof? – I think we’re trapped here.
– We’re trapped here. – We’re trapped?
– We’re trapped here. – Alice, not gonna lie,
we’ve done this before, we’ve been trapped up here before. – Yeah.
– So how do we get down? – We wanted to make sure that
we were here for the meeting and we, I mean Matt, he
doesn’t necessarily trust you, so we trapped us on the roof. – [Matt] Yep, we’re trapped
up here for 24 hours. – You did this? – I mean, I wouldn’t say me,
I’d say it was Matt’s idea. – [Matt] It’s kinda my idea. – I didn’t want to, I wanted to trust you. I know that you’d let us
spy, but just in case. – Okay, so now what are we gonna do? How are we gonna get water,
how are we gonna get food? – Well, we actually thought
about that ahead of time and we might have all ready
put everything up here. It’s Matt’s idea, again,
it wasn’t my idea. – Well least we have supplies. – [Matt] Yeah, let me get ’em. – Yeah, Matt, Alice,
I’ll be right back, okay? Matt?
– Is this a good idea Bec? – I don’t know.
– Why am I taking the fall for everything? – [Bec] Matt, it was your idea, I trusted her.
– Okay, it was, okay. Sleeping bag, goodies,
okay, this’ll make her feel a little bit better. Games.
– Yeah, I feel bad Matt. – I know, I kinda feel bad too. – [Bec] Trapping her on our roof. – Well there’s Blackjack. Come on Blackjack. Hey, where’s Peanut? Hey Peanut, hey, hey, hey, hey. – [Bec] Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt. – Peanut.
– Alice, he doesn’t like to be pet. Yep, sorry, he’s allergic to being pet. – Cover that up, cover up the allergies. – [Bec] For the first thing
that we should do maybe, is set up a tent. Matt?
– Yeah, okay, that’s a good idea. You know what we should do? You wanna just crank this
up a little bit higher. We should put all of our luggage here. So, Bec, do you have a bag? – [Bec] I mean, I might have a bag. – [Matt] Alice, your backpack. – [Bec] Oh yeah, you should
take off your backpack. – I don’t know if that’s best. I just, I like having my backpack with me. – Yeah true.
– It has my phone and I need know when they’re gonna text to let me know that they’re here. – Oh. – [Bec] Matt, why don’t you
put the other stuff up there? – We got a sleeping bag just in case. – [Bec] Yeah, and you
probably don’t wanna sleep in your backpack. – Yeah, it’s not that comfortable. I mean, I could make it work if I have to. – Found a tent.
– There’s a tent. I say we set up the tent first Matt. – Have you ever done one of these before? – [Alice] No. – Okay, you know what? I’m gonna hold on to Peanut, Rebecca, why don’t you, I’ll switch you spots. – What?
– You maybe, best friends build a tent. – [Bec] We’re building a tent. – Here you go.
– Is it hard? I haven’t done this one. – I’ve never done it either. Has not been opened. – Okay, I have never done this one. I’ve done one before,
it can’t be that hard. So I guess we just. Oh no.
– Oh Rebecca. Oh, it’s a real tent. – Have you guys ever built a tent before? Oh easy, yeah. I think it’s like, put these together and them put ’em through the little, through like this maybe.
– Oh boy. – Yeah, it’s not so bad, this is easy. – [Matt] Alice, you okay over there? You got a tall pole. Oh, maybe you’re not
suppose to add ’em together. – What?
– Did it come with an instruction manual? – I don’t know. Oh no.
– Oh my gosh. All right guys, comment 24 hour challenge before they finish the tent. Which means probably everybody
in the comment section can probably do that just
because this is gonna take them forever to build this. – We got this. Two best friends building a tent. Ta-da. – [Matt] 24 hour challenge. – It’s not as hard as I
though it was gonna be, this might actually work. – This might work. We just do it? Oh, we still have more
sides, but there’s hope now. – [Matt] Rebecca, – No, oh wait. – When the GMI cast me I did not think I’d be tent building. – Wait, what’s you say? We didn’t hear what you said. – [Matt] Casting? Do you guys want me to finish it out? – Go ahead Matt. – [Matt] Okay, you guys can watch. – [Man] 20 minutes later, – All right, and that’s
how you make a tent. Isn’t that awesome? – It was easy. – Yeah, look at it, it’s not that hard. It’s not really a full
tent, it’s a half tent, maybe one person can hang out. But we got Jenga. – [Bec] Okay, Matt, what
else are we gonna do on this roof? – I don’t know.
– I mean, we could be waiting here 24 hours. – Good point, we could
be up here for 24 hours, or we could hang out with our dogs. Tent’s complete, now
we just need wait until the meeting happens. Do you wanna play a game? – Aren’t games gonna
take up too much time? We have to get ready for the meeting and get you guys hiding spots. – What if we, do you know
any Fortnite dance moves? – Fortnite dance moves.
– Do you play Fortnite? – They don’t let us play games. – [Matt] Rebecca, show
her at least the floss. – Okay, so here, I’m gonna teach you. So there’s a couple of ’em. ♪ Two best friends doing
Fortnite dance moves ♪ – The first one you put an L like this, like lover not a loser, just a lover, and then you just go
back and forth like this. I forget the name of this one. And then, what’s another one Matt? – [Matt] Let’s do the orange justice. – Just go in and out with
your knees a little bit. Yeah, kind of, kind of like that. Yeah, it’s probably easier
without your backpack. – It’s okay, I mean, it gives
me a little bit of a balance. – Okay, so this next
one is called the floss. So what you do is you
move your hips one way and your arms the other. – You seem much better at that than me. – [Matt] Go Bec, wow. – Ready, this is the Charleston. You go. We got it. So those are just some
Fortnite dance moves. – We should really have a fun one. We’re gonna spend a lot of time up here getting to know each other, we should play hot
potato with the backpack. Hot potato?
– Okay, yeah. – No, I mean, ’cause that means
that I’d have to take it off and you might move the
things around in my backpack and they should probably
stay where they are. – [Matt] We could do Twister if you want, we brought up here. We could do that but you
can’t use the backpack either. – I’m dressed so nicely that I
don’t wanna mess up my outfit for when they come. They could get suspicious. – [Matt] What else could we do Bec? 24 hour challenge, what
do you normally do? – Yeah, you’re right. – [Matt] Bec, can you come
and talk to me real quick. Alice, we’ll be right back, okay? – What about Peanut. – [Matt] Oh, she’s doing something. I don’t know how to get that backpack. – I don’t know, we tried
to trap her on the roof for 24 hours but she’s not
giving up the backpack, she’s not gonna take it off, I think we just have
to accept it and we go, we talk to her, and we
need to convince her that the GMI is bad. But we need to convince her to
trust us and not them, okay? – Let us know in the
comment section down below what would you do right now. – How would you convince her
to not to work for the GMI? I think we just be honest, Matt, we just tell her the truth. – Or we just try to trick her, either way. – I have an idea, I think
this will convince her, okay? Okay Alice, we’ve been best
friends now for a while, we have to tell you something. You know that company you signed up for, the casting, the GMI? They’re not good, they’ve hypnotized you with a cerebral analysis. It’s not just part of the initiation, it literally, they are
controlling your mind. – That can’t be true, they wouldn’t– – No, I promise you, I’m
telling the truth right now, they done it. I’ve been in their GMI headquarters, they aren’t who they say they are and you can’t trust
anything they’re saying. – Why should I trust you? – I don’t know, because we
signed the contract too. The GMI told us that they would
erase everything Game Master and that they weren’t real. – Wait, wait, wait, wait,
stop, stop, stop, what? – The Game Master. When you were in the doll house– – Wait, how did you know
I was in the doll house? How do you know about the doll house? – You thought it was RZ
Twin in the doll house, but it was actually me. – That’s not possible. – It is, do you remember the butlers? – Butler number two.
– Danny was butler number one. – Camp 4T. – [Bec] The butler has experienced 4T. It’s confusing, I know,
but I felt like we had to trap you up here so we could be honest and reveal the truth to you, but you have to trust
us, the GMI is not good. – That’s why you locked us up here. – Well that and maybe something yellow. Matt, do you think we should get snacks? – Let’s get a snack.
– Yeah, I think it’s time. – [Matt] You need to sit
down for a little bit. We’ll get you some fun
snacks and hang out, okay? – These are my favorite
animal cookies ever. – They’re so good, can I
have some of the gummi bears? I think I wanna open these up right now. Someone coming? – Oh no, oh no. – [Matt] The meeting,
the meeting, the meeting. – You guys have to hide. – Guys.
– Daniel? – Daniel.
– Daniel, where have you been? – Hey, you guys found the key, way to go. – [Matt] That was a long time ago. – Okay, I had to leave, RZ
Twin got in touch with me, she had some really valuable information, I had to meet her in person. – [Matt] We thought you were missing. – Yeah.
– I’m sorry. I had to go, I had to be there. Wait, so who had the key>- [Bec] She did. It’s a long story.
– Long story. What’s going on? – I have some new info
about the cerebral analysis. – All right.
– What, CA? – Yeah, so apparently it wears
off after a little while. You have to go in there every two weeks to get more cerebral analysis so they can have you under control. – [Matt] Alice, when was
the last time you went in? – Almost two weeks ago. – Okay, that’s what I’m afraid of because look at this. RZ Twin got me this photo, I
don’t know if you can see it. Can you see that? This is called the reactivator. – Reactivator?
– It extends the shelf life of cerebral analysis. – [Matt] So it doesn’t wear off as fast. – Exactly. – Hers might be worn off if it’s almost been two weeks, right? – [Matt] No, it means
that it can last longer if they get her with this. – So they flash this
and they snap and then– They snap.
– They snap. God, they snap.
– What? They snap what? – There was a part in the
alley, when they, yeah, in the alley with the dogs. She doesn’t really remember that. – Rebecca.
– What are you guys talking about? What do they snap? They snap the thing? – They snap their fingers.
– A finger. – They show you this and
they snap their fingers and then it can extend
the life for a little bit. But, look at what RZ Twin got me. – A sticker?
– That looks like a sticker. – It looks like a sticker right? But look on the back. This is a device to counteract it. It’s called the deactivator I think. Reactivator, deactivator. – [Matt] Are you just making this up? – I gave ’em names, I think it’s fun. But anyways, look. So what she has to do, what
you need to do in this meeting, in case they have this on them, is just stick this behind your ear. When you see this come up
and they might flash it, you turn it on and you activate it. – Oh.
– Activate the deactivator. – Exactly.
– So you can’t be affected by the cerebral analysis. – Exactly. – Okay.
– So I need to give you that just in case, okay? – [Matt] We’re doing
this in good faith, okay, we wanna trust you. – You have to trust us
about the cerebral analysis. It really does effect you. It can hypnotize you. – How do I know this
is actually gonna work. – You just gotta trust me. I mean, I’m trusting RZ Twin,
so hopefully it’s the same. – [Matt] It’s coming from a good source. – We actually don’t really know. We’re hoping that RZ
Twin’s telling the truth, but we don’t know, right Daniel? – Daniel, is this a good plan? – Well, it’s our only option right now. – Okay, well, you’ll be
here for the secret meeting, we can all listen in. – [Matt] Yes, good point. – Actually, I have to leave. – Why? – RZ Twin is giving me more information, looks like they might be changing where they do cerebral analysis, it might not be at HQ any longer. – So, it’s not at their headquarters, where would it be? – No idea, but that’s
what she’s gonna give me, that information, so I have to go. – Okay, so if you go there, Matt and I will take care of the– – Oh, okay, okay, gotcha. – Okay, yep. – Let me know how the meeting goes, okay? – [Matt] Wait, Daniel, how did you know that there’s a meeting,
we didn’t tell you that? – Sources, I have other
sources, but good luck on the meeting, okay, I have to go. Just call me if you
have any trouble, okay? – All right, thank you.
– Yeah. I think we need to come
up with a plan for the– – [Matt] What was that? – My phone’s going off. You guys, it’s them,
they’re gonna be here soon. Like minutes soon. – Clean this up.
– Okay, clean up, clean up, get, we need to
get in our best hiding spot. – To hide.
– Okay, okay, okay. Over, go over the there. They can see Peanut but not us. You can only get one. Blackjack come see. Put it on, put it on. – Alice. Agent S has been saying you’ve
had wonderful reports so far. – Yes, I knew we picked
the right best friend. – Yeah, the rainbow food challenge, and the 24 handcuff challenge
worked out pretty well. – Very creative with the handcuffs. – Yeah, well I did what I had to do. I just have one question. Why are we doing this? – What do you mean. – Why are we playing this game? They’re really nice people. – [Together] The cerebral
analysis must have worn off. – Use the reactivator. – Alice, what is your objective. – To become Rebecca’s best friend. – And why are we doing all of this. – To earn Rebecca’s trust. – She’s back on task. – Did you get the symbol
inside of Peanut’s jersey? – Yes, but I just don’t
understand the last symbol. – The last symbol is a phone. It’s so important that you get his phone. – Remember, the backpack is
essential to finding the phone. – Where is the phone located? – Last know GPS location was around here, that’s why we brought you here. Being on the roof is essential. – The mirror initiative
all depends on this Alice. You cannot fail. – Once you find the phone
we will be in touch. – Did you hear that? Mirror initiative ZAMFAM. You’re okay. – I don’t remember everything. – What?
– I told you, the cerebral analysis did something. It’s like they’re
hypnotizing or something. – [Matt] Okay, coast is
clear, coast is clear. – You guys are sure they didn’t see you. – No, no, no, no, we stayed
hidden the whole time. I told you, you can’t trust the GMI. – Thank you for this, I feel
like I can trust you guys now. – Yeah, of course, we were
telling you the truth. – I know you guys wanna
see what’s in my backpack. – Yeah, exactly.
– Yeah, we really want to. – But, I kinda want you
guys to open the gift I got you first, and then– – [Matt] There’s a gift? – Okay, well where is
it, we’re still trapped on the roof.
– We’re trapped on the roof. – It’s over here. I didn’t want you guys to see it so I had to hide it. – [Matt] You hid it up on the roof? – I don’t see a gift.
– There’s no gift over here. – It’s right here. I had to cover it up so you
guys didn’t accidentally find it when you were on the roof. – It’s under this blanket? – Yeah.
– How’d you know we were coming up to the roof. – Well, we knew we had a rooftop meeting and I figured if I hid it up here you guys wouldn’t find it, but now you guys are here, so– – Okay you guys, so I’m about
to open this mystery gift from my best friend, Alice. Make sure you are subscribed,
have notifications on, and shout out to you guys
that warartmerch tagged us on Instagram, go to rebeccazamolo.com for your merch and we have
notebooks and notepads for back to school, so
make sure to check it out. Check out the video right here, where Alice and I were
handcuffed for 24 hours. – [Matt] Yeah, you tricked us. – I only did what I had to do. – [Matt] Okay, Rebecca’s
gift, let’s open it up. Three, two, one.

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