2009 NFC Championship Game: Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints | NFL Full Game

100 thoughts on “2009 NFC Championship Game: Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints | NFL Full Game

  1. 6:26 – Adrian Peterson 19 Yard TD Run

    11:44 – Saints 38 yard Pierre Thomas Screen TD

    21:50 – Favre to Rice 5-yard TD

    32:44 – Brees to Devery Henderson for 9 Yard TD

    53:12 – Vikings force fumble on punt return and recover the ball

    55:44 – Adrian Peterson fumble handoff, recovered by the Saints.

    57:49 – Saints Return 2nd Half kickoff 61 Yards

    1:00:44 – Pierre Thomas 9-yard rush TD to gain the lead

    1:07:40 – Adrian Peterson 1-Yard TD Run to tie the game

    1:17:16 – Jonathan Vilma intercepts Brett Favre

    1:22:00 – Percy Harvin fumbles, Saints recover for big gain

    1:24:35 – Reggie Bush catches short pass for TD

    1:31:42 – Saints force fumble off reception

    1:40:10 – Adrian Peterson 2-yard TD

    1:52:30 – Brett Favre intercepted by Tracy Porter to clinch overtime

    1:55:08 – Saints game winning OT drive begins

    2:09:52 – Game Winning Kick

  2. As a packers fan, I have to say it makes me feel ever so slightly better that favre threw a pick in conference title game for another team. Favres original split with the pack was not one with hand shakes like Peyton Manning's was with the colts. The only reason he went to the Vikings was to stick it to the Packers. I only recently forgave Brett. I guess I kind of understand the anger vikes fans because look at how we lost the NFC title to Seattle a few years ago. When you come that close to the super bowl and don't get in it's always painful.

  3. People are so annoying they complain about the refs not making enough calls but nowadays the refs make to many calls like Jesus Christ the game isn’t gonna be perfect just accept that your team wins or loses

  4. Say what you want about Favre, but you don't see many QBs today who showed that level of toughness. In today's NFL, there would have been roughness penalties galore.

  5. Guess what Vikings, after knocking us out of the playoffs in 1987 and 2001, this was us getting even. At the end of the day, a rivalry is born from the ashes.

  6. They keep emphasizing The 40 year old QB …uhmmmmm It’s 2018 and now Brees is 40 and looks amazing on the field !!! GOAT 🐐

  7. Vikings had Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, and Percy Harvin in the backfield…and still couldn't beat the Saints. Who Dat!

  8. I can't help it. It annoys me that Favre unsnaps his chin strap after every play and resnaps it before the next play.

  9. As a saints fan, there were a lot of cheap hits but we did get to see the all time pass leaders battle it out in a great super bowl.

  10. They had to fix it for New Orleans to win. They had to have something to cheer about after Katrina. People need to forget chaos in their lives and football is the ultimate way of doing that.

  11. I think there was missed calls and bad calls on both sides. I also didn't see dirty hits other than the one early in the game which they called. I don't know why people think this game was rigged

  12. I became a NFL fan @ age 7 in 1977.The most exciting but heartbreaking games I ever watched were Superbowl XIII & The NFC Championship game between Dallas vs San Francisco.But this game topped them both as I was a HUGE Favre & Manning fan & was 3 fumbles away from seeing the greatest Superbowl matchup……Colts vs Vikings.

  13. NFL wtf this video isnt 2009 NFC Championship Game. This is BOUNTYGATE ON FARVE !!! Vikings got screwed a ring because Hurricane lol …

  14. Who dat folks ! Are you guys watching this championship game again right now because we’re going to relive this moment again?

  15. It’s funny how things work out we win here in a big fashion that caused up rower then they beat us in a crazy fashion then we meet again and the we won and we clinched the number 1 seed and your fighting for a chance to even be in the playoffs

  16. And almost 9 years later… the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS finnished the 2018 season .. 13-3… losing to exactly the same 3 teams they lost to back in the 2009 season…
    They finished 13-3 this year.. again capturing the number # 1 seed , getting Dome field and playing the team who beat the dallas cowboys in the divisional round in the Nfc championship game.. seem odd?? Nope … just History repeating itself! Go saints! Who dat!!!

  17. 2:05 pass was not catchable, flag comes out,
    really bad call against the Vikes.  Jump forward to today Jan. 20th, no flag for
    pass interference against the Rams, 9 years later the Saints finally get the bad
    call.  Just crying out for the Saints………..NOT!

  18. The saints lost to the rams on a bad call? Wow, I feel soooo bad for them. It’s not like they did the same thing but 10 times worse to us.

  19. You have the best RB in the league and all you need couple of yards for a FG to win the game and the gunslinger himself throws across his body for INT lmaooo I can’t watch that last play till this day glad the saints lost the way they did on sunday the cheaters

  20. this headlines are misleading. This NFC champsionship game happened in january of 2010. Time to start titling these videos the right way. Doesn't matter that the regular season was in 2009, this game took place in 2010.

  21. Imagine that, 2009 there was no call for rule 17 but now that the Saints are victimized, they call for it? Try playing football for 60 mins and not letting the game come down to a non call. Or better yet surrender your 09 title to the colts in exchange for a do over today. SKOL! Rams Dat who

  22. One of the most charismatic teams of all time in Minnesota vs one of the more disgraced super bowl champions of all time in New Orleans. Reggie bush heisman, Darren sharper, all the cheating this Saints team did not only in this game. What a terrible terrible team.

  23. This is the game that Brett Favre described as the loudest crowd he had ever heard throughout his entire collegiate or professional career.

  24. Vikings have no reason to complain. They allowed Pierre Thomas to run for 39 yards on the kick return. The Vikings could not stop them on 3 and 6 on the Saints 40 yard line because of defensive pass interference. Could not stop them on 4th, and inches that would of gave the ball back to the Vikings, and then committed defensive pass intereference. The defensive penalties in overtime cost them the game. On top of the 5 turnovers in the game. All this happened in Overtime except for the 5 turnovers. If they did not commit the last turnover in the 4th quarter, and Farve just ran the ball for 15 yards instead of throwing acrossed his body they most likely win. There was tons of room for him to pick up the first down. That is a cardinal sin as a QB throwing acrossed the other side of the field as QB. The Vikings have no one to blame they lost that game but themselves. Once again they did not stop them on 4 and inches that would of gave the Vikings the ball back.

  25. Imagine believing that you got robbed when you turned the ball over 486 times in one game. As a Saints fan, I believe the refs blew a call in the Rams game, but we kicked field goals multiple times in the red zone and made crucial turnovers. We lost the game, not the refs. (Also, Vikings had the same 2009 bounty program as told by Favre in his book, just FYI)

  26. Whoever thought this was a good idea to post should be fired. This game is the worst game in NFL history. Absolute bullshit

  27. New Orleans deserved every bit of it. Whodat nation, truth is a hard pill to swallow cheaters… New Orleans Saints are cheaters. Plain and simple and karma gods taught them a lesson about cheating. CHEATERS

  28. Two lifts and smashes of Favre. Also a high low late in the game. Multiple shots to the chin on the QB. Favre must have a stone jaw! You could see it bothered him even early in the game. Yes, bounty gate was in full effect and there is no way the "Saints," win even with the rules in place in those days. (I wonder how many concussions Favre suffered in this game?)

  29. Gregg Williams and Sean Payton should have been eliminated from football at any level at half-time of this game!

  30. 1:59:52, history repeats itself, Vikings defense drops a sure interception, just like in 1999 where a Viking defender had a Chandler pass bounce off his chest in the fourth that would have sealed the game if he caught Chandler's pass.

  31. I'm just here for those salty Vikings' fans tears. Bounty, bounty, bounty! Y'all sound like a bunch Marsha Bradys. Let them tears flow. All good. ALL GOOD!

  32. 10 years later, this game still pisses me off. One of the most electrifying games I’ve ever seen with the worst officiating I’ve ever seen.

  33. This game was the epitome of why Adrian Peterson isn't a top 5 running back of all time. In my opinion he's the second most talented running back behind Jim Brown, but man did he fumble like crazy.

  34. Wow the Vikings coaching…. that last drive, the timeouts, the penalty. After 2nd down just let the clock run to 3 seconds and kick a 51 yarder in a dome. Idiots.

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