15 New Upcoming PC MMORPG Games in 2020 & 2021 ► Online, Multiplayer, MMO!

71 thoughts on “15 New Upcoming PC MMORPG Games in 2020 & 2021 ► Online, Multiplayer, MMO!

  1. This is a continuation of the last MMORPG list, to check out more games in detail here: https://youtu.be/lRVXrLwMMhQ Hope you enjoy the video! I got a total of near 50 games mentioned in the list but history says only 2 will make it. Which 2 do you think? Games get announced throughout the year, so if anything for 2020 is missed I'll put it in this comment. I'm already not sure about Torchlight Frontiers but if you guys accept that as an MMO, Core Punk is entering Beta at the end of 2020 and I can list it next year. Watch all the upcoming games lists in this handy playlist: https://www.gamerzakh.com/lists – I spend 60 hours making each one trying to make them the best they can be. ALSO! Just to show why I consider the MMORPG genre as being fine is despite how many games don't last, it's always had at least 1 a year that stays popular and is considered good. Don't confuse a 2-year lens for the greats of the decades:

    2010 – Final Fantasy XIV

    2011 – Tera

    2012 – Guild Wars 2

    2013 – Neverwinter

    2014 – ESO

    2015 – Black Desert

    2016 – Tree of Savior

    2017 – Albion Online

    2018 – Lost Ark (Asia)

    2019 – Conqueror's Blade

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  2. I'm MMORGP addict, but I'm quite disappointed most of the exciting games are just money grab scams, like Chronicle of Elyria, Ashes of creation and so on. The games that will get released if they ever get released will be nothing close to what was promised. On this list are games that are already 5 years in development and are not even done, all the work put into them as of today is not relevant as they look like 10 years old games. Then comes the problem with the Pay2win over monetized MMORPGs like ArcheAge and Black Desert same game studio same publishers just doing what was working for them. I will wait and see what New world will bring as Amazon can deliver good product no doubt but it might be not exactly the MMORPG we are all expecting.

  3. As always thanks for the vid. For the upcoming MMOs, can't wait for Pantheon! Way to many overly streamlined mmo's with child flavor out there

  4. torchlight doesn't sound a lot like a mmo but sounds good. Also, FOXHOLE (though it ain't an rpg, just an mmo) is already testing thousthand-player tech. It is approaching your criteria. Thanks for these videos.

  5. The golden age of Ankama is definitively gone. Waven looks like when Dofus was on Adobe Air, in 10 years there is no graphical improvement.

  6. I know it's a pain, but please, I would appreciate if you put screenshots istead of logos (you can put both tho) in all the sections, even if is in well know games like WoW for me, that wants to dive into the MMO world but has little to none knowledge It's always helpful to see which games are worth a deeper look

  7. Indie mmos have less chance of succeeding vs those with big publishers. And those don’t even do well even with a major company behind them.

  8. Any interest in making lists of games that actually released in a year? I really like your list videos, well researched and you include not just the popular/well-known games, but like you mentioned alot of them don't really hit their release date. Plus going through your previous lists for the current year and some of them not released yet makes finding games hard.

  9. Thanks Zakh, I've been waiting for a good MMO for ages now, hopefully, we'll get something the next decade 🙂 Fantastic list, brought my attention to several titles.

  10. Thank you for going the extra mile and giving the honest state of the games you list! Saves people a lot of time trying to find reliable update reviews on early access games. Super helpful!

  11. G'day Zakh! Congratulations on 100K. Looking forward to Phantasy Star Online 2. Would like to see a Cyberpunk MMORPG in the future. But I guess Cyberpunk 2077 will do 🙂 Cheers!

  12. Hey guys, dont know how many of you will know what to to suggest for my itch.

    TLDR: Looking for a comfy MMO that I mainly focus on PvE stuff and making shit for other players.

    I'm kinda looking for an MMO that I heavily part-take in the Farming and Crafting aspects i.e. building crop farms, animal farms, making potions, armor and weapons etc that I can then sell to other players in some form of Auction House/Shop system. A game thats comfy, doesn't have a long start up time and isn't that of the omega grind. Don't get me wrong I don't mind some form for grinding but to the point where its stupid kinda bother's me.

    Quest based im not bothered by quests (kinda skip dialogue anyway) I will most likely be a solo player unless I can convince a few discord memebers to join me.

    Im not interesting in a subscription based game all though if it has a similar concept like Runescape where you can buy the Memebership with in game currency I wouldn't mind that.

  13. I will not get hyped about any game anymore after all early acces games i bought… now i am only happy that so many mmos are comming but i pref to wait atleast month after release to see if anything is actually worth playing and have some fun systems and end game … cool year is coming but let's not get hyped

  14. a full pve rpg ohh my that sounds great hopfully they dont make it a freemium game or have p2w mechanics. make it good

  15. Crimson Desert, New World and Life Beyond all look promising.
    And ESO is good as usual (but there's never enough time for an MMORPG).

  16. Crowfall is going alpha in February where they state that Alpha – beta wont take long as they will concentrate on bug fixing only in that stage. Should have soft launch in 2020 ( no wipe but continuing adding stuff/bug fixing/balancing ) which will follow a short beta….we hope!

  17. Again, anything with a top-down view only is NOT an MMORPG. In fact, you may remove most of the games from this video, as they are not MMORPG's.

  18. Surprised that Last Oasis isn't on this list. If you like Worlds Adrift, you'll probably like it. Goes into Early Access March 2020

  19. PSO2 and probably TemTem in regards to which two will survive. PSO2 because it has a huge following here in the west already, and plenty of people are excited for it, and TemTem due to the fact that eventually they're planning on releasing it to the Switch / Consoles – and due to it being an MMO creature collector in a near similar vain as Pokemon, a lot of people who aren't happy with the current direction of Pokemon, might give TemTem a shot and stick with it.

  20. The question should be: "Which ones do you think that will survive the next year and why is WoW Classic one of them?" hahaha

  21. ummm….no Star Citizen? that makes like zero sense. pity as it is the most ambitious MMO and it gets constant updates and info. /shrug

  22. How many more years are we all still going to be playing the same few MMOs that have a population? People are thirsty for a new MMO but one that's had effort put into it.

  23. 8:53 Thats exactly the green Master YI – Q Icon from League of Legends xD

  24. Aaaaaaaalright! I love how you commented the video, so I will hit up the subscribe button! Thanks for the list, I love it <3

  25. So many good looking MMOs coming… New World looks really good and in the short mentions Ember Sword had a really unique style that stood out to me, im still waiting for Camelot Unchained too. MMORPGS are coming back! Hopefully some of them will break new ground.

  26. like for your lose time spend and big dislike to all games in this video is like back to 1995 …money and time spend for nothing [ idiots]

  27. They don't take forever, it's taken forever on purpose for extra precautions. What the hell do I need to wait 4 years {BnS for example} for a game with level cap 50 or 60? Everyone gets to that level cap in a month or less.

  28. Thank you for keeping the game name on screen.
    Most of the time when I see a game I actually like, I've got to start searching the entire timeline for the 1 mention of the game on screen.

  29. Redo your research on crowfall. It may be in pre-awful but there are people playing it and there is a big patch coming out early next year that's gonna bring hundreds of players back and it's officially going into beta

  30. Anyone noticed the icon on the left hand which resembles Dazzle's ulti and Cold Embrace of Winter Wyvern's third skill both from Dota2?

  31. Hey great video but be carefull please, OATH the kickstarter is a scam. Take care that your community doesnt get scamed

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