🌟 Splix.io Server Takeover! Online Multiplayer Games + Sonic Robo Blast 2 + Sonic Universe

🌟 Splix.io Server Takeover! Online Multiplayer Games + Sonic Robo Blast 2 + Sonic Universe

alright we go to go or what tales I filled the TV and a paperclip yeah and reprogrammed a supercomputer using dishwashing detergent and a toothpick I know look fixing a propeller on a biplane that’s about it is difficult to take it ok and it needs her whole life story is simple good to go would have been cool get down cool what is going on everybody blue corner here and welcome to the stream that both living you’re gonna clear that place about this place right here or were you asking about the joke that you want to meet for you to tell Jo or medical if you’re asking oh yes darksonic250 Lee if you get the students bowl i encourage you guys to make your own teams and join them and I think there’s a way we can play on the same server but i’m not completely sure oh but I mean definitely find out then you have this awesome like oh boy the screen one is a little bit too you know a little bit too friendly oh man we lost two lives ok well we got to be careful be very careful okay but I think you’re doing give a boy on nice One max what that was awesome well I saw that one phone and everything that was awesome I’m blücher want to team up yes totally as in sonic and the seven rings name all raised so what game we’re going to play next that’s for me too yeah i’m thinking i’m gonna plaster me to blue core play jelly battle it’s really fun game its online i have not heard of delhi battle actually sounds interesting max level of the smiley face yes that was a big blue black all the hospital we are doing wonderful surprise i was getting we’re doing I have never done team before so is this awesome really really careful here it’s ok there is got home I great know that they’re okay no way how we die King we’re doing so good so good so good but I am never emotionally a second where are my teammates status them all alone what the codon I think something bleached out let me uh we just lose on my life’s alright alright it was all oh it that’s our shoot my bad i thought i was just oh I’m so sorry guys I didn’t even know you can repair guy is the apology go go go fast alright let’s talk about nice good job guys dead stop and then did good work guys next one that was awesome Oh under blah go no all right I can’t even find it to some kind of his shell I’m sorry you’re having so much the problems own will try joining someone else’s server after this and then i’ll show you guys exactly how to do it so hopefully you’ll be able to just do exactly what I do and I feel really slow so XD XD XD XD desolated Twilight so what kind of his back okay go go to go there we go no don’t know what was the thinking dang I’m probably not gonna put now oh boy up 50 take another Clark now I’d outrun ten seconds nine eight seven six five four three du feu 10 boom and Luther I get around the press gets stuck in the star won’t let me write it is yeah but i only turn your whole game o.o i get to get over as possible all right thing kidding me we are clear that to our yeah we keep dying we we r dot very good man highest-ranked was three on the leaderboard oh then it’s my turn to extract that looks like it what in the world is displacement we are right inside of someone else this is this is just my style like come on like displacement is not fair for purple and not fair for us it’s just it just come on that was just messed I’m oh well bring the blue to your dreams yes my bad my bad then on my there oh no it’s okay it was an accident so what happened there so why is your wine like invisible little and I’m gonna try not to hot day whoo man big blue that is a cool stage in LA hopefully one of these games we can get the number one on the liebler I think you can do it i think we can do it guys you just believe the power of teamwork I think we can do okay alright you can do it guys oh boy no okay good that’s about the right of the way if you’re coming out okay well alright good you know no one my bad man boy that was close maybe I should have made them a place to go back in to be honest my follows I’m actually just going to do over the solo right here this is what i usually do on while I’m playing alone this method i came up with that seems to like to work a lot today show two guys that time the floor is it that hard to put toward home i would say it’s hard but I mean it takes a few steps but it’s not something that you can just flip the switch and then i’ll work and at the time it won’t even work after you’ve done it so yeah it gets kind of annoying but you know hey it’s all worth it to play multiplayer games online i will say that as a game with no fur that causing my people who play my game to half to put forward in order to play it on a server i think is trying to the I don’t know I I mean I like redundant i would say because if there’s a way that you can make it so oh if I want to play with my friends but I have to but I can just like click the button and then we’ll play on the same game but i don’t have to pour for it i think that essentially would be a lot better than making it so all you gotta jump through all these hoops just to play one round your time there’s something like that like like like Minecraft like like for you just wanted to play survival with your friends you’d have to do all this crazy stuff set up a server all of this insane stuff but i don’t know i think it should just be given ok like them Sonic & all-stars racing transformed on steam if I wanted to play with someone else all i have to do is just tell them to join my game and instantly we’re playing online no more rewarding server needed and I think that is the way it should be absent for forward and it’s like something that was done in mind is a really shouldn’t be anymore we have gone to the stage that we shouldn’t leave it wasn’t on universal was super super okay blue lousy good to have version 10 version 2 of the game but yeah back when this was split sonic advance i think it was called super blitz on advanced actually man those were the days late i’m gonna go down there real quick just to get rings I’ll be back to how you survived ok grab all the things you can come up with an interview no it doesn’t kill me away ok let me go back up back at no no oh gosh I just screwed myself than that ad did i’m pretty sure oh boy I’m wondering if you can ok I got a hundred and forty-six rings all right just spam speed though because that’s all we could do that all sonic does how to do okay good okay I’m just gonna go behind to please a man what the lock oh gosh but I think and it is up here okay did they just fall I think they just felt ok who retired oh ok you got this oh yeah you just killed yourself in order to 10 how you killed yourself and ordered to a 58 man wow that that’s gotta mean something that stuff again it means so that all my goodness it’s raising it okay well it is that time unfortunately I must say goodbye although i do want to thank everybody who came out to the streams on these last two days I do very much appreciate it

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  1. hoi im first!!
    whispers to bluecore

  2. I never noticed it till now…
    Tails said "Fixing a propeller on a bi-plane is about as difficult as taking a nap!"

    He never sleeps in the main series

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