❌ (ENDED) FREE Steam Game – I Am Not A Monster

Hello and welcome to Low Budget Gaming
and welcome to another free game so the game called I am not a Monster
is free on Steam for a limited time so this is a very recent game came out end
of September it’s a tactical multiplayer turn-based type game retro sci-fi
setting so it’s sort of like the 50s futuristic 50s type deal with aliens and
stuff and it looks alright actually it’s not bad
yeah I’ve not heard of this game before as you can tell but it does
remind me a bit of that XCOM style gameplay so yeah check it out if you
like these sort of games it says free for a limited time I don’t know how long
that is it could be a day or two so yeah why not pick it up it’s directly on
Steam just click install and it will be added to your library and that’s it yeah
thank you for watching and I’ll see you shortly with my weekly sales and roundup
video thank you for watching

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