❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – SOMA(GOG) | More CONNECT Games

❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – SOMA(GOG) | More CONNECT Games

Hello and welcome to Low Budget Gaming
and welcome to another free game so gog.com is giving away soma free for
the next two days we had heard some rumors about this and they are true all
you need to do is just go to GOG.com sign into your account and then click on
this banner here it says get Soma for free for the next 44 hours or something
just click on get the game and this will be added to your library Soma is
a horror type game and I’ve heard some great reviews for it overwhelmingly
positive reviews I think on Steam so definitely pick it up you have two days
and they’ve also added some more games on the GOG connect service so in case
you’re not familiar if you connect your gog account with your steam account gog
offers you some free games from time to time so right now during the winter sale
they are updating some games every week and currently this week they are
offering these games so connect your two accounts if you own any of these
games you’ll get them under the available section and see one or two up
up here if you own them and then all you need to do is just click on get the game
and these games will be added to your gog library as well so basically you get a
drm free version of your game that you already own on Steam so you don’t have
to pay again in case you are interested and i also like this because you get to
build up your gog library for free as well so yeah so if you are interested in
this definitely pick these up as well but definitely remember to get soma
because you have about 44 hours to go so yeah that’s it for this one thank you
for watching super meatboy should also be free very shortly on the epic store
so i’ll make a video for that as well but until then take care

38 thoughts on “❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – SOMA(GOG) | More CONNECT Games

  1. Irrational games also added an 'Easy' mode in their recent update for SOMA. Basically letting you experience the story without fearing much about constantly dying all the time.

  2. In less than 2 months I got 4 copies of Soma! One I bought on Steam, second I got from Humble Trove, third I got from PS Plus and now fourth from GOG

  3. Just saw the tweet. I swear GOG is fuckin' GOAT! They drop games in my library whenever they are free. Just checked my library and like 8 more games were added without my knowledge.

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