Hello and welcome to low budget gaming
and welcome to another free game video so once again epic game store is giving
away a free game now I had completely forgotten that during this one month
period they’ll be giving away a game every week instead of the every two
weeks that they usually do so they had stories untold last week this week they
have added RiME so RiME is a puzzle exploration type game I recently did a
full stream for this game on my other channel you can see that if you want and
yeah it’s a nice little game its got some interesting mechanics so yeah it’s free
for the next week and all you need to do as always is just go into your
Epic Games Launcher or go through the browser click on the free button and
add it to your library and check it out if you are interested yeah so just click
place order game will be added and that’s it done so after RiME next week we’ll be
getting city of brass I believe if this was an early access
game so I think its probably early access still so anyway we’ll get that next
week on the 30th of May so I’ll make a video as well so yeah in the meantime
pick up RiME and thank you for watching see you in the next one

19 thoughts on “❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – RiME (EPIC)

  1. First view and the one who liked and commented on the video of your give me a ♥️

  2. Still not convinced by the freebies enough to use the epic launcher tbh, time Is a good game but I don’t like epic games and their shady business practices

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