❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – City Of Brass (Epic)

❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – City Of Brass (Epic)

hello and welcome to low-budget gaming
and welcome to another free game video so as you all know Thursdays we get a
free game from the epic game store and currently during the sale period they are
giving away a game every week so this time we have city of brass and this is a
hack and slash first-person game from what I can tell I do remember seeing a
bit of gameplay from Jim sterling when this game was in early access I believe
so as always just click on the free button
yeah just place the order and the game will be added to your library so yeah
you have a week to get this next time we are getting Kingdom new lands so this is
actually a good game you get for free I can’t wait for this I don’t know if I
already have this game or not I think I probably do but the good game I have the
first one Kingdom classic that three in total so this is the second one but yeah
for now city of brass is free pick it up and
yeah thank you for watching see you next time

18 thoughts on “❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – City Of Brass (Epic)

  1. Thank you! You also helped me discover my Epic Games account was hacked (hadn't used it in a while). They have some pathetic weak security at Epic Games.
    Any random person can reset your password from another country and they just send a message (gets into spam folder) instead of even validation. If you have an Epic Games account set up 2 factor validation because they really are useless at security.

  2. Nice News! I bought Detroit Became Human and Control too from Epic Game Store with LBGPLAYS tag.
    Keep this good content coming up!

  3. When i download this to my libary, will it be there forever? In other words will i always keep this game, or is it just for a period of time?

  4. I always enter "LBG plays" before hitting the order button. Does it actually help you in any form or not ?

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