❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – Axiom Verge (Epic Giveaway)

❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – Axiom Verge (Epic Giveaway)

Hello and welcome to low budget gaming
and welcome to another free game video so as you all know epic is giving away a
free game every two weeks and today they have started giving away
axiom verge from today 7th of Feb to the 21st of February and as always all you need
to do is open the page click on free if you’re using the launcher the epic
launcher you can also do it online or from your browser without having to
launch this once you do that you can click place order go to the checkout and
just place the order here that should be it game is added and in your library also the next game from the 21st of
February to the 7th of March will be Thimbleweed Park so this is a
point-and-click detective type game pixel art so as an interesting game as
well and in other news they have also mentioned something
regarding regional pricing so epic is saying they’ve added more options for
regional pricing so countries that did not have the regional pricing they are
offering it there they haven’t mentioned which countries and the other
interesting thing is they are saying they’ll be refunding the people may have
paid more and you don’t really need to do anything you will get the funds in
your account so I guess they did make a lot of money with fortnite so yeah
that’s it for this one pick up the game you have two weeks and thank you for
watching see you in the next one

28 thoughts on “❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – Axiom Verge (Epic Giveaway)

  1. Epic is really stepping up their game! Was wanting tumbleweed and Axiom verge for a while, they're really picking some great games to promote their launcher, it's great!

  2. This is just throwing a spanner in the Steam Lunar Sale gears. You just don't know if you should pick a game in the sale or wait to see if it goes for free on Epic or GameSessions etc. Did not expect Thimbleweed Park to be the next free game on Epic.

  3. We think twice b4 by a game for epic games store . If they keep giving free games , then we gotta think like 10times or something .
    That's not gonna work , they are just trying to bring ppl from steam to epic by giving free games
    They think that's cool .

    Also , thank you epic for free games

  4. The game is not free for me! it shows $19.99 on the launcher. Even when I try from my mobile browser is still not free and shows me the price. Could it be that the game is only free in some regions only??

  5. OK, it seems I am not alone. I just checked their twitter page and there are many others who have the same problem and they are also in different regions.

  6. Hey, is anyone else having problems? I open the epic launcher and I see the post about the game and I click it and it takes me to the game page but it still says $20. I live in the Middle East so maybe that has something to do with it. By the way love the new Channel profile looks very good

  7. Hey LBG last night I got a dream and just wanted to share it with you so last night in my dream you were playing apex legends and suddenly you heard a voice saying "hey, I want to join your game" and when you see who's there it was "shroud" and you two got acquainted so well and happily won all the games ever after (but you are invading my dreams come on, man😂😂😍😍🤩🤩

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